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  1. Paul Sullivan

    I have a question about a watch

    Hi Denis, and welcome to the site. Looking at the regulator needle you can see AVANCE and RETARD which is French Swiss and moving the regulator to one side or the other will speed up or slow down the watch a bit, so I expect is is a Swiss made watch.
  2. Paul Sullivan

    D.C. Jaccard movement: Mermod & Jaccard Jewelry Co. dial

    Hi paineite, Your watch movement looks to be a Swiss import movement with perhaps 19j, though it's hard to tell. Moving your question to Swiss and other pocket watches forum will help to answer your query. Still your watch is really very nice looking! Particularly the regulator.
  3. Paul Sullivan

    Gentlemen, I have not been here in a long while

    A.F.W. , Try posting in the "European & Other Pocket Watches" forum. It certainly looks like the many I've seen online.
  4. Paul Sullivan

    Pretty, Bejeweled 18k J.J. Badollet/Bigelow Kennard Cased Hunter

    Wow! The case is fantastic! And the movement so clean!
  5. Paul Sullivan

    A Sekonda P/W shows up in Mr. Selfridge on PBS

    I'm always on the lookout for pocket watches in movies or television. In the first season of "Mr. Selridge", season one episode six at minute 3:32 Mr. Crabb makes an announcement to the staff just before opening the store and glances at his pocket watch. It is an open faced watch marked Sekonda...
  6. Paul Sullivan

    TV pocket watch.

    Ray, LOL, that was a good one. One Western I'd like to check out is "High Noon". There's gotta be allot of clocks and P/W's in it. Paul
  7. Paul Sullivan

    TV pocket watch.

    Ray, I think that is what surprised me. I am a huge fan of UK TV (Downton, Folyle's War etc.) and they always seem to be spot on in detail. "Penny Dreadful" appears to be a mainly UK production. Hence I was surprised by the gaff with the watch. Long shots don't mean much, but giving a closeup...
  8. Paul Sullivan

    TV pocket watch.

    Piers, I only noticed the discrepancy because I'm a pocket watch enthusiast. Film makers do tend to do a much better job nowadays with details such as wardrobe, hair styles, uniforms, cars etc. and cg has lent so much to the realism of film. I'll have to check out looper. Many Ottoman Turk...
  9. Paul Sullivan

    TV pocket watch.

    I was recently watching Showtimes new series "Penny Dreadful" , which bring together Gothic novel figures together in 1890's London. About eight minute in there was a scene where Eva Green's character (Vanessa Ives) meets Josh Hartnett's character (Ethan Chandler) in a London pub to enlist...
  10. Paul Sullivan

    Grandpa's pocket watch

    Yes, that's very important and is where it's true value lies giving you a connection to your family's past. I have my dad's Hamilton 912 and cherish it. Regards, Paul
  11. Paul Sullivan

    Grandpa's pocket watch

    Hi Boo, Your pictures are a bit fuzzy. If you could give us the markings and numbers on the back of the movement (pics 3,6, and 7) we could better help you. I can say the watch case was made by the Crescent Watch Case Co. It is gold filled (not solid gold). Regards, Paul
  12. Paul Sullivan

    Need help identifying a pocket watch

    Hi Tim, This looks to be a Swiss or other foreign chronograph (?) type watch, looking at the regulator. I think if the moderator moved it to the "European & Other Pocket Watches" you may have better results. Best of luck, Paul
  13. Paul Sullivan

    "New" old pocket watch.

    Hi Jutte, and welcome, Since the movement was made in Switzerland, it might be best to move your question to European and other Pocket Watches for better help. Quite a collection of names though! Omega movement, Illinois W.Co. case, marked Elgin, and the Latin Bona Fide (good faith) AND...
  14. Paul Sullivan

    what the heck have I got here

    Brent, Hard to say what you have, but I punched Hanover Pocket Watch here and came up with a few threads. One is from the encyclopedia article "Swiss Fakes" (here), which list Hanover as one of them. But yours being labeled "Swiss" would sort of cancel that. In any event you can lokk at the...
  15. Paul Sullivan

    Early European P/W case?

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll paste your comments into an email and send them back to him. He has no physical shop but sells stuff online and works in a antique Chinese import porcelain dealer's shop in Boston. Thanks again for the help! Regards, Paul
  16. Paul Sullivan

    Early European P/W case?

    Hi folks, A friend of mine recently purchased this ornate P/W case. I know my way around Am. P/W's but nothing of European ones, much less their cases. Can anyone give some info. of it's period and where it was made? Here are the details he gave me along with pictures of the case. "Unmarked...

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