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  1. Max Phillips

    Versatile Dividing Head

    This is one of the many tools on my to-make list. What a great find! Doesn't seem that they come up for sale very often at all.
  2. Max Phillips

    What are These Exactly? Pushers?

    Pushers for hands perhaps? They look a lot like my modern hand pushers, except for the ends being steel instead of plastic.
  3. Max Phillips

    Jacot Tool

    If you wanted to get creative, you could make a simple fixture to mount to your lathe cross slide. Given that the runner you'll be using (whether you're re-using one, or making your own) will be controlling the indexing (via a notched wheel, if it's anything like mine), make the fixture accept...
  4. Max Phillips

    Jacot Tool

    From the pics, it looks like he has an older type similar to mine, with the discs an integral part of the entire runner. I have some chips on my discs as well and have thought about what I might do about that. My first thought was to re-make the arbors, and discs (as separate pieces, to make...
  5. Max Phillips


    You see 3 and 4 jaw chucks occasionally for the 6mm machines, one sold on e-bay at the end of December, for about 140 Australian dollars. There are a number of tiny 3 and 4 jaw chucks available (both new and used) with threaded backs, if you have the facility to make your own collet shank arbor...
  6. Max Phillips

    pinion cutters

    Great info as usual, Jerry!
  7. Max Phillips

    pinion cutters

    None taken - we're all in this together, as they say. :) As a hobbyist, I'll often have a much different (and frankly, often much less valuable to any of the professionals on here) perspective on things. My usual choice is "make it or do without", whereas if I was doing this for a living I...
  8. Max Phillips

    pinion cutters

    I'm afraid I can't be of much help, but I would like to mention that fly cutting pinions isn't generally recommended (though I'm sure you could make it work with the right setup). There are some multi-tooth cutter styles that aren't too difficult to make in the home workshop, so perhaps that...
  9. Max Phillips

    Lathe hunting

    If not for your mention of wanting to work on clocks, I'd recommend something like a Sherline unless like me you're simply drawn to traditional methods and machinery. Something like a small, screw cutting Lorch would be ideal but of course quite expensive if you found one well tooled up. I'm...
  10. Max Phillips

    Table top workbench

    Hey Karl, any build progress? I'm curious to see it take shape! I've been kicking around similar designs in my head... I have so little in the way of woodworking tools and ability that I'm leaning toward something simpler and possibly not made of wood at all. Graham, I like your simple idea...
  11. Max Phillips

    8 Day Longcase Clock w/ Deadbeat Escapement & Center Sweep

    Beautiful looking movement, very nice!! Regarding the bells, cast iron might not be the best choice. One of the things that makes iron so desirable for use in constructing machine tools is its dampening properties. I think that's the opposite of what you'd want in a nice sounding bell. The...
  12. Max Phillips

    Please help me troubleshoot my lathe problem

    Thanks for posting that, Dushan! I have filed it away for my own reference and hopefully it has helped the OP as well.
  13. Max Phillips

    Can someone help me in identfying this lathe?

    Hey coolgoose, I didn't know you were registered on this forum! There is a thread going on over at the home shop machinist about this lathe as well, and one thing I wanted to point out here is that it seems the castings of the machine might be the same as those used on the Boley F1 (especially...
  14. Max Phillips

    Please help me troubleshoot my lathe problem

    Hi Dushan, I hope you are well! If that 0.0002" happens to be pure axial runout then I suppose I would agree... but it seems to me that the OP might be having a problem with distorted/damaged (out-of-round) spindle taper, in which case that 0.0002" could be making a significant contribution to...
  15. Max Phillips

    Please help me troubleshoot my lathe problem

    The way you were measuring, in the spindle taper, is more fundamental than checking a test bar in a collet, so you're certainly starting with the most important aspect. Measuring a test bar held in a collet combines the error of the collet, which we don't care about until after the spindle...
  16. Max Phillips

    Lathe alignment

    Sounds like you're on the right track, as long as you realize it's going to be a real fiddly process. If you're a patient person, and understand what's going on (sounds like you do) then there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get everything lined up. Keep in mind you'll want to check...
  17. Max Phillips

    Preventing rust on our steel tools

    I run a dehumidifier in my workshop, and keep the humidity well below 60% (typically around 56%), and that alone helps a lot. Other than that, what everyone else said - wipe with a light oil. For small stuff I use WD-40, for larger items I sometimes wipe down with R&O hydraulic oil. With the...
  18. Max Phillips

    Shars 3 jaw chuck

    I much prefer doing smaller work on a smaller machine. Some larger machines were well made with smaller work in mind, but sadly my chicom 3-in-1 wasn't one of them. For small work, everything is in the way of everything else. I do have an instrument lathe with about a 7" or 8" swing (very...
  19. Max Phillips

    Shars 3 jaw chuck

    Definitely points to consider, Jerry thanks for contributing to the thread! For my particular purposes, I just needed something a little more convenient for those times I wanted to turn slightly larger work than my collets allow, or when I want to turn some stock that is not a correct fit in my...
  20. Max Phillips

    Shars 3 jaw chuck

    Thanks Doc, I very much appreciate that! I didn't know there was a little boot available for these, that would be great to have the info for it. This indicator is on long term loan to me, its real owner doesn't have much of a use for it. I was planning on cleaning and oiling it for him in...

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