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Search results

  1. Jack_W

    HOWARD Skeleton

    This is nice. Was cool to see in in person at the show earlier this month.
  2. Jack_W

    Darrah's Rockford article

    Greg, The serial on your 3/0 hunter is very close to the one in my wrist watch. How cool! That dial of yours is in very nice condition.
  3. Jack_W

    1900 Rockford 16s P.W.

    Very nice!
  4. Jack_W

    Darrah's Rockford article

    Is there a grade for these 3/0s movements then? I note that in the images you provided that the balance cock has holes drilled for the microregulator spring. Mine doesn't have these holes. Pretty cool that you have a unfinished movement. Do you know why it wasn't? if you catch wind on another...
  5. Jack_W

    Darrah's Rockford article

    Hello! i read your article and noted the lack of 3/0 discussion too. I have one of these sizes... bought it about a month ago via eBay. I posted it here in a somewhat ham-fisted manner.... https://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?102160-Rockford-Wristwatch&p=1019714#post1019714 I recently moved and...
  6. Jack_W

    Gruen Cincy HQ Before Time Hill

    Very cool! ...and good grief! How smoggy the air is as you look down the street from the building.
  7. Jack_W

    Another attempt to date a Gruen Pocket Watch

    Beautiful pocket watch you have there! What a find.
  8. Jack_W

    Silveroid - Nickel cases.

    Great thread. For having been formerly in the jewelry business (repair and manufacture) this cleared up some misconceptions I had. thanks! :o
  9. Jack_W

    Ruby jeweled watches superior?

    Hi! I don't post over here in the American section, but I always read and like the threads started by Art. I think what Art is asking is 'why'. I can't add to the great factual information from Clint but as a geologist, watch enthusiast and former jeweler I might add to some insight on the...
  10. Jack_W

    Hampden Pocket Watch

    You can look on eBay, if that hasn't already been done, for similar ones.
  11. Jack_W

    Longines 7 GRANDS PRIX

    Shot in the dark? Railroad companies often have a reporting mark that is a 3 to 4 letter abbreviation. I previously worked for Union Tank Car Company with the reporting mark of UTLX. They were not a railroad, but company swag had the reporting mark. I've a nice "pewter" keychain with UTLX. So...
  12. Jack_W

    Hamilton Escape wheel needed

    Hi! Anyone have a lead or a suggested source for a Hamilton 992E escape wheel? Please PM or reply here. Thanks!

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