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  1. dcjens

    Just an Elgin

    Thanks Rick! I happened to have a Hampden 18 and out of my curiosity I tugged on the stem and it popped out. I inserted in the Elgin and was able to wind it up... and it runs. To narrow down choices measuring the stem I have that worked seems in order yes? Thank again for links to possibly find one
  2. dcjens

    Just an Elgin

  3. dcjens

    Just an Elgin

    This case is in decent shape. Any ideas are welcomed. I've perused Ebay a little. Thanks Rob!
  4. dcjens

    Just an Elgin

    This Elgin 18s stem/ lever grade 70 Raymond followed me home today. It's missing the crown and stem. I'd like to obtain the part. I've read for hours (likely in the wrong place) and was hoping to get an assist with part numbers and length.
  5. dcjens

    Watchmakers quiz question. What?


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