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  1. Jack_W

    Watchmaker Lathes - still in use

    My original need for a lathe was to cut out broken staffs from balance wheels. I acquired a nice Wolf-Jahn for that, but it was missing the tailstock. I wanted to move into different aspect of repairs and a missing tailstock was an issue. Now I've upgraded. Here is my Derbyshire 8mm model 2...
  2. Jack_W

    In praise of Derbyshire

    2nd this. It would be a tall order to think of another small company that can supply parts for their tools made in the 1920s and 30s.
  3. Jack_W

    Derbyshire 2-way cross slide

    Well, I think I figured out what I wanted to know. Moderators could move this thread to the Horological Tools sub-forum. Seems a more appropriate location. Maybe someone there will chime in with an opinion too.
  4. Jack_W

    Derbyshire 2-way cross slide

    I acquired a 2-way Derbyshire Cross slide. It has some minor issues: A missing alignment shoe.... And some excessive backlash What I'd like to know is how to disassemble the cross-slide to clean out the old grease that is in it and to then check the lead screw to lessen the backlash...

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