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Search results

  1. dcjens

    Are Antique Clocks "Creepy"?

    Antique place I frequent makes art from clock parts Yes this is creepy. Price tag $$$ I want it because...
  2. dcjens

    Waterbury Mantel clock - looking for more info please

    Nice Waterbury I can't help other than I like it
  3. dcjens

    What is it (tall clock)??/

    I want one
  4. dcjens

    Hamburg American Clocks

    Hi HAC lovers. I'm bringing this one back up as I'd like to find the right pendulum and leader to get mine going. 10/27 164 42 130 on the back. Deciple Dan, you said you have several Hamburg American's around maybe you can help. Pics part numbers suppliers would be very helpful. Thanks in...
  5. dcjens

    Round Top Grandfather Clock

    Nice roundy That one looks tall! How tall??
  6. dcjens

    Morbier Project

    I'll follow along on this thread. I have one similar and curious how you get yours in better shape.
  7. dcjens

    Antique novelty clock.

    This clock needs to be dropped off at Goodwill immediately! All my cuckoo clocks are striking 12
  8. dcjens

    Do any grandfather/grandmother clocks have a light in them?

    Subscribed I have a few tall clocks I'd like to light up
  9. dcjens

    Post Your Gustav Becker Clocks Here

    Case Approx 38×13" Very nice beveled glass in the door 1/4 hr chime Westminster
  10. dcjens

    Post Your Gustav Becker Clocks Here

    Here's one. What can you tell me about this Gus Thank you in advance Darin J
  11. dcjens

    Hamburg American Clocks

    Hello everyone Here's my HAC Pics enclosed I'm quite fond of this little dude. It has an issue of no pendulum and I need help finding one. The face had what seemed like contact cement on it and I was leery to molest it with chemicals. I tested a small area careful not to strip off the numbers...
  12. dcjens

    Help identify clock

    Thank you for the help everyone!
  13. dcjens

    Help identify clock

    Thanks new2
  14. dcjens

    Help identify clock

    Need some advice on possible manufacturer. Is price decent? Some of you knowledgeable folk might say it's just a common clock , mass produced. A fine piece of history valued at? Or go buy it today!!
  15. dcjens

    Help identify clock

    .she had it since the 60's, brought from Germany. The paper to the left shows english. Following owners from 1845 to 1877. Above is some discussion with neighbor
  16. dcjens

    Help identify clock

    A neighbor of my brother has this and it's for sale. It runs. It has paperwork I'll post I can't quite read. They are asking $350
  17. dcjens

    Help identify clock

  18. dcjens

    Clock sighting

    Can't quite read article. . Is it still considered stolen?

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