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    pendulum bob hits case sides

    This is definitely something to look into. I can see the EW and anchor on one of the photos, but can't see how the anchor pivot is attached. It certainly could have dropped a bit do to worn bushings. I would imagine that the guy who serviced it checked the escapement.
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    Hunter case plating and repair

    1) Plating. The thought to replate the case occurred to me. I'd like to learn how it's done and I know a goldsmith who might help me out. Any pointers on plating and maybe more important, preparations for be most welcome. Can the case be plated in its entirety or does it have to be taken apart...
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    American PW What Could Cause This?

    Well, that is an interesting symptom to diagnose. Stoppage due only to positional change has to result from the effect of gravity on the movement. If the watch stops in the face up position, gravity is causing moving parts to interfere with the operation of the movement. This could theoretically...
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    Royal Flying Corps cockpit watch.....

    Piers, You have a very nice late WWI era cockpit watch. As you may know, various makers (Omega, Doxa, etc.) provided movements for the Mark IV and V, and the dials were marked with alphanumeric serials, like your B.L. 916. The initial letters were A, B, or C, and the B's and C's were double...
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    Old Swiss Railroad Pocket Watch... Need help please

    It would be wonderful for you to carry on your father's business. Did he also work on clocks? I don't know what your current skill level is. You've got your dad's shop, equipment, supplies and even his log books, which is a great start, especially if you already own the shop (so don't have the...
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    A Word to the Unwary

    Larry, The pin-up girl calendars I recall were from the 1960's, and there were also a couple of posters (without calendars). I agree that they were "tastefully" posed and not hard-core pornography. Some of them had the wording "I really love a Ridgid tool," which was certainly meant to be a...
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    Distinguishing between men's and ladies' pocket watches?

    As has been said, size (smaller) and frilliness (more) are suggestive of a lady's watch. Some were specifically marketed as such and you could check the old catalogues and advertisements. Also, some were designed to be carried as pendants, rather than in the pocket or on a coat chain, which...
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    Dueber Special Hampden Pocket Watch

    Dueber made very nice cases, both solid gold and GF. The special and champion models were GF.
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    Seth Thomas No 2.

    No argument about the unsuitability of monofilament fishing line or cotton twine for stringing clock weights... I haven't checked out the braided clock cord sold by Timesavers et al., but I doubt it is any better than "braided monofilament" fish line (which is made of some synthetic material...
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    Seth Thomas No 2.

    I second the use of 50lb test braided fishing line. I use Cortlandt brand line, which I think is made of braided Dacron. Unlike the traditional catgut it should last forever. It won't stretch or rot, and unlike brass wire won't birdsnest. BTW, Kev's movement looks like the ST 61, which was...
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    Low budget collecting

    Very nice watch, and great that it still has the original 24-hour motion wheel and dial.
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    A Word to the Unwary

    Wonderful! "Makes screwing a pleasure..." no less! Around the same time the Ridge Tool Co. (maker of Ridgid plumbing tools) distributed promotional calendars and that pictured scantily clad gals, often suggestively holding a large pipe wrench...along with the phrase, "I really love a Ridgid...
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    Assistance identifying & valuing an Omega pocket watch from 1898

    Thanks for the ranfft and kaplans references. Your watch appears identical. It's quite possible that your watch (like the one shown in Rannft) has SN markings on the dial plate.
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    Hermle 340 020 clock running very fast

    I haven't any experience with these, but I have heard that these floating balances are very sensitive to power loss, and the slightest bit of power loss (e.g., caused by dirty pivots especially close to the escapement end of the train) will rob the wheel of amplitude, even if everything else...
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    Bergeon french clock bushings?

    Wouldn't this be a situation where old-time bushing wire would work?
  16. N

    Seth Thomas No 2.

    IMHO yours is the nicest looking ST2 model. My ST2 "re-issue" clock from the early 1970's was based on your model, though the case is a smidge longer. I'd love to have an original like yours, but they are quite costly even in fairly beat-up condition. Even the "real" ST2 "re-issues" (made in a...
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    Hamilton Model 22

    Thanks! I'll look for the setting spring, as I guess that part sometime did break. I see that there are three MS's...the standard (195) and thin/thick (190/200) versions, which I guess were used to correct timekeeping problems. I'm guessing mine came with the standard MS, but perhaps I should...
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    Amscope Review

    Congratulations. It should serve your purposes quite well and you can't beat the $500 price tag (shipping included according to the review). The boom and the trinocular head are good features. There will probably be focusing differences between the binocular images and the image in the photo...
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    Old Swiss Railroad Pocket Watch... Need help please

    Since it was repaired by your father, I wonder if you found any of his repairer's marks on it? If your dad had repair logs, you might want to keep them.
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    Assistance identifying & valuing an Omega pocket watch from 1898

    The backplate layout resembles 15j Omega movement from around 1900, but I have to wonder about the lack of either a SN or maker's name (except for the greek letter omega on the balance cock, which might indicate that this part is genuine, and the case looks genuine. Sometimes Omega put its name...

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