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  1. D

    Monster 52 inch wall clock

    Digital, in post number 8 you stated "The anchor/verge is not correctly turning the escape wheel, " I am confused.
  2. D

    Hermle 1050-020 Wind Problem

    Your clock has a broken click spring. They are available from Timesavers
  3. D

    Clock Beat Data

    You can always fall back on counting wheel teeth and pinion leaves.
  4. D

    Help WW2 Sector Clock

    Mr. Barr, Please tell me what is a sector clock?
  5. D

    What kind of suspension rod goes with this verge arm on a Seth Thomas 8-1/4

    Show us some of your cases, please.
  6. D

    English 1939 Fusee Pendulum Length

    If you accept this job that the customer will not pay for it makes YOU look bad if it fails to work properly. The customer will tell others that "Joe Blow" worked on it and now it will not run.
  7. D

    Hermle 340-020 floating balance adjustment

    To Elliott Wolin--appreciate you coming forth about oiling the floating balance. I, too, always use a good grade of synthetic watch oil on them.. And I usually put them in my US cleaner. If the US cleaner does not harm a watch hairspring I think a floating bal spring would survive.
  8. D

    Hermle 340-020 floating balance adjustment

    Mr. Lawson, You do not have to let the power down to remove the balance. With the bal whl out, the mechanism will not run. May I ask how much rotation you are getting on the balance wheel? With the clock fully wound the bal. should rotate at least 270 degrees. If not, you are probably...
  9. D

    Loose hands on a New Haven Triple plate

    Your video shows hands that appear to be spring loaded to go counter wise. You did not indicate whether it will tick. The video was far to short and it may need to show more of the movement. I think you may have something assembled wrong.
  10. D

    Seth Thomas A206-011Timing

    Actually not research. I just remembered them from the past. Also, look in the back pages of timesavers, there is a conversion chart.
  11. D

    Seth Thomas A206-011Timing

    Mr. Gruber, My research tells me that it is indeed a Hermle. A 130-020 with 10,800 BPH. The rate adjuster is on the top of the balance wheel.
  12. D

    Complete service to a Hermle but it is losing power and running too fast

    Why don't you have the caps over the Pallet Fork pivots? The depthing of the PF into the floating bal. is critical.
  13. D

    HWN/Hawina BPH?

    I may be wrong but I think the upper wheel on T2 serves the same purpose as it would if on the center wheel arbor. So it is 48 x 68/8 x 40/8 x 2 =261120/64 = 4080 BPH To go farther find BPM square that and divide that number into a constant of 141120. 4080/60 = 68 BPM. 68 squared is 4624...
  14. D

    HWN/Hawina BPH?

    Jeffg, I think your BPH is going to be 4080. That works out to be a pendulum of approximately 30.5 inches.
  15. D

    HWN/Hawina BPH?

  16. D

    Jauch BPH

    Willie, Not doubting you but I don't quite understand what you mean that 4050 is only good for coarse adjustment
  17. D

    Help identify wire (?spring) New Haven

    Tell us what that big glob of solder is there for. It needs to be removed.
  18. D

    Re-Case number 29

    Number 29 has a 60 beat Seth Thomas 61 movement. The wood is Sapelle. Measurements are 62" x 17" Comments are appreciated.
  19. D

    Korean Ansonia Clone?

    Not older than 1980's
  20. D

    Herschede Cracked Tubes

    In post number 4, I think Mr. Feldman is referring to laser welding. Laser welding can be used very successfully for this application because there is very little heat generated, thus no distortion. Drilling a tiny hole at the end of the crack is very important to keep the crack from growing...

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