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Search results

  1. T

    Hampden 18 size small collet balance staff

    Thanks Dave. They seem to be hard to find.
  2. T

    Obsolete parts wanted posts

    I need a hampden 18 size small collet balance staff. Seems the jobbing house only has the large collet staffs.
  3. T

    Obselete Watch Parts Wanted

    Re: Watch Parts Wanted How do you post a new request to this thread? Been here awhile but can't figure out yet how to do it reasonably on my phone. I GOT too many watches to fix to figure it out for myself unless this post shows up after posting - - - Updated - - - Reckon I figured it out lol
  4. T

    WANTED: Hairspring (for 1907 11j 0s Illinois pocket watch movement)

    The parts wanted thread is hard to understand on this forum for those of us that ask for help using our phones. I could go to my computer and get it done easily. This forum is to help others that standard reply of ask in the parts wanted forum sucks
  5. T

    Hampden 18 size small collet balance staff

    I have need for a balance staff for a Hampden 18 size John Hancock which is single roller and small collet
  6. T

    Obsolete parts wanted posts

    Re: Need 60hr. motor barrel screws (3) for Bunn Special Name the watch Dave
  7. T

    Wittnaur 4D1 movement

    I am in search of a mainspring barrel and arbor for a Wittnauar 4D1 movement. Ladies watch with a very small barrel
  8. T

    Dudley Masonic Pocket Watch

    I have what I believe to be a model 2. It looks to be a 14 size . The Holy Bible is on the winding bridge and silver in color. were there any model 2s made in 14 size?
  9. T

    How to repair hunter case that does not stay closed

    we use a laser welder to make that repair. find a jeweler with experience with this kind of repair
  10. T

    Watch stops randomly

    Cleaning can make a watch that ran stop too. The best way I have found to troubleshoot a movement is to squirt light fluid on the center wheel and see if it runs
  11. T

    Why hasn't he posted on his repairs??? (me)

    Your bench needs to be clean to find anything on it. Something I know but haven't achieved. There will always be that black hole that absorbs parts you lose track of.
  12. T

    Help with a 992B

    I would have cleaned the hairspring first.
  13. T

    Schild id and click help

    It will be under the mainspring barrel
  14. T

    American PW Can't open snap back case.

    I have a question before an answer. Do you know how to use a case knife?
  15. T

    American PW removing hampden broken stem

    take the barrel bridge off of it and you should be able to see how to remove it.
  16. T

    American PW Balance wheel headache! Illinois 18S 6th model

    If grandpas watch does not run when it came in and you had to change things to make it run you have restored grandpas watch. Sometimes it takes years to restore grandpas watch.
  17. T

    How to remove balance wheel from teeny tiny ladies watches?

    I remove the balance from any watch before it goes into the ultrasonic cleaner. you do so carefully and I grasp the balance wheel and cock with tweezers and then pry the balance up with a small screwdriver. You slip and yep it amounts to a botched hairspring
  18. T

    Watch in Wichita needs repair

    I am in Topeka and do watch repair
  19. T

    Mechanical WW my christmas dream

    I AM totally into this hairspring fixing box. Take it apart and tell me how to build one. Please
  20. T

    American PW Elgin GR55 1871 repair issues

    I would look to the hairspring. I believe I see a bend in the overcoil that is out just a bit.

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