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Search results

  1. A

    WALTHAM 10 size model 1861

    Examples here indicate both men and women were buyers and users of what I thought was a lady watch. art b,
  2. A

    WALTHAM 10 size model 1861

    Nice looking case and dial. Movement photo? art b,
  3. A

    Seiko pressmatic

    As usual appreciate your practical and informative comments. It is a fine practical watch for this 90 year geezer. Unlike the original owner I do not need 2. art b
  4. A

    Gruen 50th with Swiss platinum case

    50th movements all swiss made . platinum cases were extra cost. art b,
  5. A

    Waltham model 1883 ABE LINCOLN

    Thanks for photos showing another. Numbered about 500,000 serial higher. So not unique. art b
  6. A

    #9 of 12

  7. A

    Gruen 50th examples match its historical info

    Repeated to show 50th parts. and real green case. art b.
  8. A

    Waltham model 1883 ABE LINCOLN

    Another year of no other 83 Lincoln seen. ???? art b.
  9. A

    A rare 16j Gruen Veri-thin p.w.

    Yes, your carefull explanations and good judgement helps. art b
  10. A

    Rare and how early Veri-thin Gruen?

    Very much appreciate y0ur serious efforts. art b
  11. A

    A rare 16j Gruen Veri-thin p.w.

    Amazing factual details about the variety of Gruens. SNARK:; what are your information sources'? ART B.
  12. A

    Rare and how early Veri-thin Gruen?

    Repeat this old thread because of variety of good historical info from collectors with odd variety of movements.as well as my good and bad descriptions....art b
  13. A

    Unusual Touchon

    Interesting appropriate comments appreciated. The 50th certainly only an appearance copy of the well known good performance one. art b
  14. A

    Gruen 50th or Fiftieth grade differences?

    Very good information appreciated. Your guess of quantity of special order platinum 50th ? art b.
  15. A

    Best Waltham sidereal?

    Perhaps navigation? art b.
  16. A

    Best Waltham sidereal?

    I wonder about the unique purpose of this Navy special. NEVER SAW ANOTHER. ART B.
  17. A

    Gruen 50th or Fiftieth grade differences?

    This wrongly dated 2o This wrongly 2018 dated file was done 2020. Not posted?

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