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  1. Girl59

    Help ID'g a 19th-Century Clock

    JTD, thank you. These details will be great to pass along to my distant cousin, who I've never met. I'm sure he will want to know as much about the piece as possible, since it's, as you say, a family heirloom. Even though it's not mine, I hope someone will take it in for some cleaning and...
  2. Girl59

    Help ID'g a 19th-Century Clock

    Another quick question...Is this a decent-quality, middle-of-the-road clock? If it doesn't run, is it worth fixing? Any idea where it might have been made?
  3. Girl59

    Help ID'g a 19th-Century Clock

    Willie and Steven, Thanks so much for the insight. My cousin will be disappointed to hear that the clock is not as old as he was told. Maybe it was a gift to "Granny Eanes" in her older age and not at her marriage, or to one of her children; she died in 1919. I'll pass along the good details...
  4. Girl59

    Help ID'g a 19th-Century Clock

    Haven't been here for weeks and weeks...caught up in holidays. During that time, I received an email from a distant cousin, with a picture of a clock (unfortunately, pic was taken in 1990s, he says). The piece was given as a wedding gift to an ancestral couple in the mid-1860s, as far as he...

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