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Search results

  1. Kevin W.

    Chelsea Oak Wall Clock

    Great looking clock.
  2. Kevin W.

    Beginner/general question about not running ship clocks

    Just wanted to mention. Hope you are using that brake cleaner out side. Not good to inhale it.
  3. Kevin W.


    I have a Turler, says swiss on dial, 8 days 16 jewels, its a alarm clock as well. Never found out much on Turler.
  4. Kevin W.

    Swiss PW MAINSPRING Needed for PL Longines Pocketwatch

    I just found this thread. I have the exact watch movement. Nice to see others out there.
  5. Kevin W.


    I like everything you did, except for this teflon lube that you used. I would go with a different lube. I am impressed with your work and observations . Though its not a 400 day clock. Always wanted one, but never got one.
  6. Kevin W.

    1924 International Time Recorder

    I had a 3/8 inch lag bolt and screwed it into the stud in my basement wall to hold mine. It had a hole in bottom of case so put a wood screw there to hold it from moving side ways. Mine is not as old but a great clock, came with the right winding key. Found it stuck in the stamping mech in the...
  7. Kevin W.

    Beginner/general question about not running ship clocks

    Spraying brake cleaner on a clock movement is in now way cleaning a movement. Has to come all apart to do a proper job. Short cuts will come back and bite you every time.
  8. Kevin W.

    Unknown Swiss maker

    Thanks Enrico
  9. Kevin W.

    American After 1900 American PW Cleaning Disassembly 1912 Elgin 313 Pocket Watch - Repair Plan of Attack

    Take your time when you work on your watch. If you feel tired or not up to it, dont work on your watch. If you get frustrated any time, walk away and relax. Then come back to it later. I have broke a few pivots when i first got into watch repair.
  10. Kevin W.

    Unknown Swiss maker

    The serial number is 1189955. Your link says it was made in 1890.
  11. Kevin W.

    Unknown Swiss maker

    Thanks Mr Roundel, i giess it was a sleeper on Ebay as it did not sell that high. Its in a star watch case. Thanks everyone for your help. Its appreciated.
  12. Kevin W.

    Unknown Swiss maker

    This is very interesting, i kept thinking Omega, and then i kept comparing and could not find something similar. Could not find much on Trottier. Will message you Mosesgodfrey.
  13. Kevin W.

    Unknown Swiss maker

    This is a private label watch from a jeweller in Quebec, Canada. Wondering if anyone might know the maker of it?
  14. Kevin W.

    What’s this tool?

    Thanks Dave, i was way off lol.
  15. Kevin W.

    Dollar Watch Repair

    I took the advice of many and did not learn watch repair on dollar watches. Instead i started on 16 and 18 sz american made movements. I have very little luck with dollar watches. Usually a duncan swish in coleman fuel and some oil is all they get.
  16. Kevin W.

    What’s this tool?

    I will take a wild guess, for doing dial feet repairs.
  17. Kevin W.

    Escape wheel installed backwards?

    I have never seen a escape wheel with those holes in it, on a Pequegnat clock.
  18. Kevin W.

    Beat setting tool repair.

    As a machinist pretty sure we could make a better one.
  19. Kevin W.

    Movement ID

    They are ok clocks, nothing i know bad about them.
  20. Kevin W.

    Beat setting tool repair.

    Its a poorly made tool.

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