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  1. Karl Burghart

    Fly Cutter to Cut a 56 tooth Wheel

    I also use leaded (engraving brass). What type brass is your blank?
  2. Karl Burghart

    Fly Cutter to Cut a 56 tooth Wheel

    I use W-1 steel to cut wheels of similar thickness without issues and I don't even temper. What is the quality of the silver steel? Some of the stuff from Asia and India is very hit or miss.
  3. Karl Burghart

    Help Le Coultre Rue De La Paix Miniature Lamp Post Clock

    The beat rate is 18,000 on the Le Colture caliber 229.
  4. Karl Burghart

    LeCoultre Lamp Post clock balance staff

    If it's a caliber 229 that is the right staff.
  5. Karl Burghart

    LeCoultre Lamp Post clock balance staff

    The staff is available from Jules Borel. It's cheap. 100/2032 Getting someone to install it for you will be way cheaper than having someone make it.
  6. Karl Burghart

    newer Chelsea

    Press fit. You need to pull straight up or risk breaking the 4th wheel pivot.
  7. Karl Burghart

    rollimat- pivot polishing machine

    I own one and it's great. Saves a ton of time. Just that makes it worth it to me. Pivots come out great, perfect actually. I use mine when I do repivots to take it down to the final size as well. English clocks that don't seem to ever have parallel pivots? Done. Shoulders are perfect as well...
  8. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea deck clock center wheel arbor disassembly

    These usually come off very easily. No reason not to remove it clean the hole and polish the pivot. There is no way to properly clean it with out removing it.
  9. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea Deck Clock - Broken click pivot screw

    Alum, works great.
  10. Karl Burghart

    Ithaca Mainspring Sizes

    3/4 X .016 X 96"
  11. Karl Burghart

    Realistic selection of a lathe

    I just got the hand crank version. I love it. Saves a lot of time and perfect every time. I find if I use the stronger settings it takes the pivots down faster to remove imperfections. The mounting of the hand crank lets you view the pivot with each rotation without removing. it from the tool...
  12. Karl Burghart

    REALLY tiny pivots - what to do?

    It is likely hardened. Try lightly scratching with a razor blade. If it doesn't dig in then it's hardened. The general rule of thumb I use is that you can reduce the pivot size by 1/3rd to remove imperfections. Your's looks to be well within that. When dressing the pivot ensue the arbor is...
  13. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea Ship bell strike Clock Problem

    It is likely just due for a service. Clean and oil to include the platform escapement. They are well made and often don't need any bushings. It needs to come apart to be done properly.
  14. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea Platform Question

    Happy to be of help.
  15. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea Platform Question

    Les, I would first carefully remove the "pigs ears". A razor or exacto should be able to remove them. From the looks of it that may fix your problem.
  16. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea Platform Question

    One other thing. The balance jewels are friction fit. One may have moved up slightly. A jeweling tool would be able to move it back down.
  17. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea Platform Question

    Les, the problem is likely with the balance or the balance cock. Check to be sure one of the pivots is not bent and peg the balance jewels. Next check the seating area of the balance cock. Any small dings or debris will cause the cock to tilt towards the balance it don't take much. Often there...
  18. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea Parts Clock

    Always nice when you can get it straightened out! If you need anything let me know.
  19. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea Parts Clock

    Ok, It looked in the photo like the 2nd wheel. We do have the 4th you need. Just send me a PM when you're done inspecting and we'll get you what you need.
  20. Karl Burghart

    Chelsea Parts Clock

    I think you mean the #2 wheel. The one next to the mainspring barrel?

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