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  1. Royce

    Junghans Jugendstil Clock

    Interesting as it appears a combination of both!! Beautiful clock.
  2. Royce

    This is my very first purchase, and I need help!

    BTW, beautiful clock!!!
  3. Royce

    Sessions Wendell: any idea of the year(s) of manufacture? Other info?

    First and foremost, welcome to the forum. The instructions state to turn the minute hand clockwise to 12 and let it strike. If it is not striking the correct number of times to match the hour hand, then turn the minute hand counter clockwise to 9 and then clockwise to 12 and let it strike...
  4. Royce

    Gustav Becker/Gustav Kraus

    Based on the research of John Hubby, " if the logo has the following: "Gustav Becker Freibug i Schl. Braunau i Boehm", plus the "Medaille d'Or", THAT clock was made in the Braunau works". Your serial number from Braunau works would indicate it was made in 1907. 1907: 421701 1908: 451601 Royce
  5. Royce

    Need mainspring for W200 "foreign" movement

    Kent, You may wish to consider either a Merritt MS208 or Timesavers 14317. These are 53" in lieu of 48" but will probably work as that is only a bit over 1 additional wrap in your barrel. Royce
  6. Royce

    Makers Mark Identification Please

    Douglas, According to the information provided by Charles Davis, an expert in Japanese clocks, your clock was made by Meiji. Your logo is what Charles identified as CO4B so that would imply the clock was made no earlier than 1921. Meiji, Nagoya, 1895 One of the largest long-time companies...
  7. Royce

    Post your JUNGHANS clocks here

    Nice Clock. Great job; well done!! Royce
  8. Royce

    Post your JUNGHANS clocks here

    The 1923 Junghans catalog shows a clock almost identical to your clock and it was called Bochum and can be found at style="width: 100%" width="111" |- height="20" | height="20" width="111" | https://junghansarchiv.de/fileadmin/pdf/1923_02/1923_02_0028_grossuhr.pdf The large glass pane is...
  9. Royce

    Noisy English Rack striking

    Chippy2, potentially there is a minor adjustment you can make to eliminate this noise. In looking at the pre-cleaned movement picture, I note that this arm on the hammer lever is not resting on the other arm as there is a small space between them. After you cleaned and reassembled the...
  10. Royce

    Sessions Black Mantel (model number??)

    Larry, I'm sorry that I cannot help you with the model of this clock but I simply wanted to tell you that you did a wonderful job in your restoration of this clock!!! Royce
  11. Royce

    Junghans Wall Clock

    I spent some time going thru the Junghans Digital Achieves and the first time the W277 movement shows up was in 1934 and it was dimpled in the catalog. This should provide you with a "not earlier" date. Royce
  12. Royce

    Clock Help HAC Pendulum Follower

    Steff, since you are in England, you might wish to consider going to CousinsUK.com; look under suspensions; then those listed as American Ansonia Suspension Spring and select one for your starting point. I would recommend you consider getting the one that is 500 mm where you can make the bend...
  13. Royce

    HWN tall case info?

    Will, Sorry I am unable to attend. It would have been a pleasure to meet you. Enjoy. Royce
  14. Royce

    HWN tall case info?

    Jeff, I agree with Will 100% in that you will enjoy working on this well made movement. I have the same movement in one of my GF clocks that I restored and it is well built and extremely reliable and accurate. Enjoy. Royce
  15. Royce

    Just picked up this Japy movement, Date?

    Phillip, According to "Dating French Clocks Using Physical Parts – Suspension, Striking, and Exposition Medaillions" by Scotty Dean, the suspension is "Vallet Suspension = upper portion of the suspension spring is completely enclosed as two brass halves that slot and screw together. Appears mid...
  16. Royce

    Mermaid clock

    Sorry, can't provide any info. What an interesting clock!! Royce
  17. Royce

    Herschede Info. Please

    Will, If you can provide the serial number on the movement, there is a Herschede dating chart available, although it does indicate that it has some inaccuracies. Royce
  18. Royce

    Vedette Depose wall clock

    Jason, I purchased this one about 1 1/2 years ago but haven't gotten around to restoring it yet. This shows the correct leader that you need. Not sure where you might find one. Hope this helps. Royce
  19. Royce

    Gustav Becker ID Help

    Possibly to tighten the range a bit, John Hubby also indicates that " It appears that from 1926 until the Freiburg factory was closed at the end of 1932, the Braunau factory was used to assemble non-serial numbered clocks for GB." Royce
  20. Royce

    A history question

    I don't remember where I got this from but it may assist you on your question. Royce

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