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  1. Girl59

    Rose & Son London - Early Verge Fusee Watch (1st watch)

    Hi, Sooth. I'm a novice at anything time-related but have developed an interest in pocket watches and am something of an Anglophile. I'm enjoying your photos. Especially love those that show the wheel train, etc., between the plates. Great to get this particular view of the workings. Your watch...
  2. Girl59

    Kudos to Dr. Jon From Delighted Novice

    Happy to report that the origins of a pocket watch I recently inherited have been found -- by Dr. Jon. This lovely piece has a Longines movement, caliber 14ASN, invoiced in 1890 to the A. Wittnauer company. Before coming here and enjoying Dr. J's help, I'd consulted two watchmakers who had no...
  3. Girl59

    Help ID'g Pocket Watch/No Maker Apparent

    Dr. Jon, thank you again. I'm attempting to translate your comments LOL...I know others here are familiar with these terms. I am just starting to study mechanical watch parts. I think you're saying the movement on this watch is very similar to some Longines pieces/models pictured in a poor...
  4. Girl59

    Help ID'g Pocket Watch/No Maker Apparent

    Wow, folks. So appreciate this information. I didn't know how to take Mr. Friedberg's emphatic response that the piece is NOT an IWC watch...Thought perhaps he meant the movement was unimpressive/so generic as to be indistinguishable. Maybe he just knew he was talking to someone with zero...
  5. Girl59

    Help ID'g Pocket Watch/No Maker Apparent

    Dr. Jon, Thanks again for such wonderful info. I am way ahead of where I started this morning. I'd never known that, years ago, people could choose their pocket watch elements "a la carte" and then have the piece put together. The case is absolutely gorgeous, and heavy...Will look at carving...
  6. Girl59

    Help ID'g Pocket Watch/No Maker Apparent

    Thank you, Rick. This is so interesting. There's nothing I love better than being on the hunt for info/clues. I'm an active amateur genealogist, so I'm used to it!
  7. Girl59

    Help ID'g Pocket Watch/No Maker Apparent

    Dr. Jon...I knew I'd forget something. Any way to tell how many jewels the piece has? All I know so far is that the jewels reduce friction and help the watch run smoothly. Again, not really interested in monetary value...Just want to be able to write down as detailed a description for my family...
  8. Girl59

    Help ID'g Pocket Watch/No Maker Apparent

    Thank you so much, Dr. Jon! This has been a mystery to me for weeks. Will look at some IWC information. Can I find this on Pocket Watch Database? "Made to order" never occurred to me...Didn't know this was done. My local watchmaker was dismissive and almost rude when I asked for his help, and I...
  9. Girl59

    Help ID'g Pocket Watch/No Maker Apparent

    Hello, all. I was gifted a lovely antique pocket watch that has no obvious maker-identification on the movement. The movement has a serial number, but how to use it if manufacturer unknown? The 14K (double) hunter case also has a serial number but no manufacturer. Have consulted a local...

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