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  1. Karl Burghart

    Winding machine ( for Accutron )

    This thread should have the information you need. https://mb.nawcc.org/threads/accutron-214-coating-coils-after-rewind.149688/
  2. Karl Burghart

    Waltham 8 day mainspring engineering

    I've found that filling the slot on the inside to a taper allows the spring to seat more securely in the barrel hook. Not sure if that helps the hook from breaking or not but it does hold it tight.
  3. Karl Burghart

    Need help from the pro’s on a double roller

    I have had much better luck with Locktite "sleeve retainer compound" I mostly use when repivioting and crowns. It sets quickly. I've found the other Locktite formulas just don't hold as well.
  4. Karl Burghart

    Lorch Lathe

    Thanks, the wheel collets are signed Lorch and measure 6mm. I have a cross slide that looks a bit big for this one. I do have the T-rest. The cutters are slitting saws. There were two other WW 8mm lathes in this estate. I'll start looking for a basic lathe.
  5. Karl Burghart

    Lorch Lathe

    I just picked this up. 6mm. I believe it is for polishing and jewel settings. Unfortunately, the lathe bed is missing. I’d like to find the correct lathe and know what else may be missing. I’d like to use it for pivoting and polishing. Any help greatly appreciated.
  6. Karl Burghart

    Hooking up with an Accutron 2182.

    I have a 700 and the plug fits the movement holder just fine. I think you have a bad receptacle on the movement holder.
  7. Karl Burghart

    Hooking up with an Accutron 2182.

    My 700 tester also has a yellow wire plug that goes into the movement holder. I hook the blue color alligator lead to the battery clamp. It sits under the movement holder but it gets the job done. Make sure the movement is in the setting position before removing the hands, watch the position of...
  8. Karl Burghart

    American Vanguard 1908 wind indicator motor barrel disassembly.

    The arbor unscrews from the wheel that drives the wind indicator. See this thread https://mb.nawcc.org/threads/removing-the-barrel-arbor-on-waltham.56816/
  9. Karl Burghart

    Waltham 1857 cleaning and repair - question

    If the upper and lower jewels were switched it could cause this problem. The thicker jewel is for the lower pivot.
  10. Karl Burghart

    Restaking a wheel and arbor

    I would try slightly closing the hole in the wheel prior to staking it back on.
  11. Karl Burghart

    Wittnauer aircraft clock 63EAFF

    Posting here because it’s more of a watch than clock. Unable to wind or set. Looks like the winding and setting wheels are too small. I know the screw head is broken. Is there a source for these? Anyone have the parts? Thanks.
  12. Karl Burghart

    Mainspring Installation With T-end

    I use a plastic stick or pegwood to hold the "T" end in the hole of the barrel while releasing the mainspring.
  13. Karl Burghart

    Adjustment of banking pins

    Wear on these direct train escapements is very common. The lower hole for the escape wheel is one I find to often have severe wear. It can be difficult to see if you're not looking for it. I normally install a jewel there. Most of the time it's a 90/30. Before moving a banking pin be certain...
  14. Karl Burghart

    Proper Way To Adjust Tight Balance Bridge

    The jewels and settings are adjustable using a staking set.
  15. Karl Burghart

    Marshall Jewel Inventory Sheet

    I hope you can read this.
  16. Karl Burghart

    Jaeger le Coultre k800c movement removal problem

    Looks to me that there is a bezel on the front that needs to be removed.
  17. Karl Burghart

    Waltham 1883 lever-set, keyless mechanism - help !

    The wheel you are referring to is the intermediate setting wheel. The spring is distorted, It should have a smooth upward curve to it. You may be able to straighten it. The spring raises the wheel into the setting position when the rocker is moved. This one isn’t lever set but shows the shape of...
  18. Karl Burghart

    Elgin Veritas WI Main spring question

    The 817 has 2 "hooks" to catch the barrel and cap. The 4391 only has one because it only catches the upper barrel, there is no cap to speak of. I would think you could file the unneeded hook off an 817 but they are a different shape.
  19. Karl Burghart

    Amplitude problem in PU position

    I have had banking pins very slightly out of adjustment cause this. I could hear it hitting.
  20. Karl Burghart

    Hamilton military style..can't id movement

    This is what Borel lists. MATERIAL CGI UTILITY

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