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    Just for fun Hunting vs Open Face

    The weather/watch discussion made me recall being politely asked if I had the time as I was crossing the Boston Common on a particularly cold, snowy, and blustery day. I accommodated by removing my gloves, reaching under my overcoat, and extracting my timepiece - either a Hamilton 4992B...
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    4992B question....

    Terry and Dave, Many thanks for the information on my Dad's watch. No engraving on the back of the case, inside just: Keystone Metal Base 922106 He had used it every day for many years, as I do now. It keeps excellent time, and runs for well over 30 hours on a winding.
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    4992B question....

    I realize that this is an old thread, but thought that I'd note that my father had acquired his 4992B with the twelve hour movement and the less-common white (Montgomery?) dial in the Navy in 1943 ("U.S. Army Air Force" on box.). Movement marked "4992B, 22 Jewels, Adj. Temp. And 6 Positions"...

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