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  1. Jim Burghart

    Eli Terry Pillar & Scroll

    Very nice clock. The verge looks like it is on backward in the pictures. Well worth restoring a clock of this type. Some case work, a new tablet, and put the movement in working order and it would be a fantastic clock.
  2. Jim Burghart

    The clocks of Charles Alvah Smith

    Amazing craftsmanship!
  3. Jim Burghart

    painted glass

    I make replacement tablets using a heat transfer process. The images are created/edited in Photoshop, then printed to be transferred to the glass. I started making these as an alternative to hand-painted glass, which is much more economical. .
  4. Jim Burghart

    Sublimation for making replica clock glasses

    It can. After heat pressing the image onto the glass, I spray a light coating of white, that brings out the colors and that is what these are like. The coating does allow you to see all the colors from the back, I have started hand coloring these to make them look more convincing. I'm attaching...
  5. Jim Burghart

    Sublimation for making replica clock glasses

    You need a dedicated sublimation printer with special ink, a heat press, a substrate with a polyester coating, and a special paper. The heat press heats the ink which turns from a solid to a gas, bypassing the liquid state, similar to dry ice. Under pressure, the gas is absorbed by the polyester...
  6. Jim Burghart

    Sublimation for making replica clock glasses

    The process of sublimation is technically when a solid becomes a gas without becoming a liquid in between. That said, I have started using this technology to print great reproduction glass for my clocks. The results a similar to a custom printed mug that is dishwasher safe. This requires a...
  7. Jim Burghart

    Joseph L Smith

    I to know this is an old thread, but I just came across a brass 30 movement with JL Smith NYC stamped on the front plate. Unfortunately it is just the movement, no case or dial. Would Smith been able to order movements with his name stamped on them? I have seen that over pasted labels are...
  8. Jim Burghart

    Nervous anticipation of auctions

    Best of luck. You'll have to post pictures when you win!!
  9. Jim Burghart

    Another Tall Case, This One by Thomas Wagstaffe of London

    I got this at the same auction as the Tuxon clock. This is a very nice silver dial clock. I found some info on Thomas Wagstaffe, and that he was a Quaker. He sold a number of clocks to American's including Quakers. This clock had an old typed card, which is pictured, saying it was made for...
  10. Jim Burghart

    Brass Dial English Tall Clock Made in Tamworth Tuxon, Tuscon?

    Here are some pictures of the back of the dial, and the case. This clock case is the shorter one on the right. Made of oak with pine back board. A nice case, with good looking proportions.
  11. Jim Burghart

    Brass Dial English Tall Clock Made in Tamworth Tuxon, Tuscon?

    The moon roller is driven by an interesting setup attached to the dial. I will get a photo of it tonight. I am reading "Grandfather Clocks and their cases". Very interesting reading and a lot of information about brass dial clocks. I also bought a super walnut tall case with silvered dial made...
  12. Jim Burghart

    Brass Dial English Tall Clock Made in Tamworth Tuxon, Tuscon?

    Thanks, great information. I am currently reading Brian Loomes, very interesting how these clocks changed over time.
  13. Jim Burghart

    Brass Dial English Tall Clock Made in Tamworth Tuxon, Tuscon?

    I purchased this tall clock at a local auction. It was a standard oak case with a broken arch bonnet. I was surprised by the movement, it has some nice detailing, and is different from any I've seen. The dial is marked with the name William Tuxon? Not sure of the correct spelling based on the...
  14. Jim Burghart

    Silas Hoadley Alarm Timepiece

    Perfect, thanks Troy.
  15. Jim Burghart

    Repair Broken leaves

    I sent my dues in today :) I went for the whole $10 value pack too. Looking forward to it!
  16. Jim Burghart

    spinal tap moment... german something

    Nice clock, and great scene! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyh1Va_mYWI
  17. Jim Burghart

    Repair Broken leaves

    Not yet :) I have been meaning to join for a long time, but I keep forgetting. I am retiring in 6 months and stepping up my clock obsession.
  18. Jim Burghart

    Repair Broken leaves

    I have had very good results casting new pinion leaves using Knead a Mold or modeling clay to make a mold of good teeth, and casting new ones with epoxy. I can't tell from the picture, but are there good leaves remaining? If so the casting is straight forward, and I have yet to have one fail...
  19. Jim Burghart

    Barnes, Bartholomew and Co. Triple Decker

    Great find George! Beautiful clock. The tablets are fantastic!
  20. Jim Burghart

    Silas Hoadley Alarm Timepiece

    Hello, I am working on restoring a Hoadley miniature alarm timepiece and the original pendulum bob is missing. Does anyone know the style and weight that would be correct for the clock. Thanks, Jim

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