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  1. Michael Post

    E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone)

    Perhaps a early example of a multi-purpose part being manufactured to allow for a more flexible/smaller inventory of parts? Interesting discussion.
  2. Michael Post

    E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone)

    Sorry guys...the pendant pulls out, with some minor force, and then you can set the time. Snap it back and you can wind the main spring. Perhaps a conversion of some kind, and of course, and why? Other threads do mention such conversions.
  3. Michael Post

    E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone)

    I have a Howard I need some help with. It looks like it was intended to be a lever set but no lever. I have seen other threads about "pendant set" conversions. Any help out there for a beginner?
  4. Michael Post

    Gold case marks

    As you see the case is heavily engraved so not just gold fill but for the life of me I cannot find any hallmarks. Made by "L.D." This is an Elgin Model 162.
  5. Michael Post

    Gold case marks

    I have an Elgin watch in what appears to be a gold case which is marked "AU HAVRE". I am assuming the AU means gold but the havre part leaves me cold. anyone have a clue?
  6. Michael Post

    Columbus King

    I have a Railway King, s18, 16j in a Michael Cronin 14k hunter case #9680 with both Crown and MHC monogram. Would that case have been supplied by the Columbus factory or is this an after market swap? Watch is an 1894 and it seems like the case was made much earlier. This is all new stuff for me.
  7. Michael Post

    New Haven compensated Pocket Watch era?

    I have one just like it and from what I can see, the stem on yours and mine is not common on the other NH dollar watches seen here. Most seem to have a collar around the stem that anchors the fob ring and the knurled surface on the stem is thicker. Not sure what this means but one day perhaps...
  8. Michael Post

    The "Dollar" watch, show me some of yours.

    I have a New Haven dollar watch that matches Townsend's plate #59, page 22, in his Dollar Watch book but where can I find more information on production year, model, quantity, etc.??
  9. Michael Post

    Unidentified probable dollar watch

    Closest version I can find scouring the web is the New Haven "Buddy" dollar watch. It has the right case, stem, fob ring. I see some indications that these were manufactured 1946-1956. Possible during WW2 as well?
  10. Michael Post

    Unidentified probable dollar watch

    Yes, but the "stem guard"? is different. My is thru a thick stem on the winder and rotates. Movement seems identical.
  11. Michael Post

    Unidentified probable dollar watch

    This watch was at an archaeological search of an old California cattle ranch homestead site. Dial was completely corroded but works were well preserved but bear no markings on the surface of the movement or on the snap-on rear case. Looking to identify and date this watch for historical...

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