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    Morbier dial with Japy Fils, Paris

    I'm trying to determine if this dial is original or if it's been repainted. The paint is flaking and the substrate is enamel (as it should be if it's Morbier), but I don't see any lettering under the flaked areas. Also, the grommets on the winding holes are painted over, not something I would...
  2. M

    Help identify this movement

    One more detail I just discovered; the hour hand has the name "Rich" showing. See attached photo
  3. M

    Help identify this movement

    A couple more details - weights are brass clad, probably lead filled - 18 pounds each. Dial is enameled, has been re-enameled and has no identifying marks at all The only marking I can find anywhere on the clock is a hand stamped "8" on the back side of the front plate, bottom center.
  4. M

    Help identify this movement

    My customer tells me this was made in France in the mid to late 1800's. I'd like to either verify that or learn more about its true origin. It's an interesting movement, with the following features: Count wheel striking mechanism Dead beat escapement Sustaining power on the time mainwheel with...
  5. M

    possible Lemuel Curtis patent timepiece, decoration on wheels and collets

    This clock has been attributed to Lemuel Curtis but there are no markings on the case or movement that confirm this. I'm attaching photos of some decorative work on some of the wheels and collets. Is this a common feature, and was Curtis known to do this? Thanks in advance for your opinions, Mike
  6. M

    TSE wood frame with brass gears, help identify

    A customer brought this in stating that the chain had fallen off. Investigation showed that the mainwheel had come free from the arbor. The only identifying marking I can find is a "TSE" logo stamped into the front edge of the bottom wooden plate. Can anyone help identify this clock? Thanks, Mike
  7. M

    Help Identifying this possible master clock or punch clock

    Mystery solved. It's a Simplex time clock, made in Gardner Massachusetts in the 1920's.
  8. M

    Help Identifying this possible master clock or punch clock

    I bought this in an antique shop yesterday. Everything about it is heavy duty - mainsprings are 1.00" x .032", winding arbors are .28" square! I assumed it was a master clock of some type, but there are no electrical contacts at all. There are no maker marks of any kind that I can find. There...
  9. M

    help identifying Bond London tall clock brass dial with bell

    Hi all, I've searched the forums and the web, and find lots of info about clocks and watches from Bond Street in London, but nothing about Bond as a clockmaker. I'm working on a clock that has Bond London on the badge on the dial. Can anyone shed light on whether Bond is the actual maker, and...
  10. M

    Need a little help with a strange Gilbert strike part.

    So happy that I found this thread! I'm working on an identical movement and had the same part fall out before I noticed where it was. I spent two hours trying to sort out how it fit, finally came to NAWCC and had the answer within five minutes. What a resource!! THANKS
  11. M

    Solved New Haven tall clock suspension spring repair

    Thank you all for your help and advice. As always, the answer was simple once the problem was defined. It was the LARGE collet that slid off the shaft. I was sidetracked because the large collet appeared to be crimped to the shaft. Here are photos of the repair - used a piece of shim stock...
  12. M

    Solved New Haven tall clock suspension spring repair

    Here are two photos showing the case and dial. Thanks for your ideas so far, will explore them in the morning. If I need to cut a new spring, can I use steel shim stock? The existing (broken) spring is .008". Would it be necessary to cut out the center, or would a single wide piece work?
  13. M

    Solved New Haven tall clock suspension spring repair

    I have a movement on the bench that I haven't seen before. I'd like to know the maker and approximate age. The only mark I can find is a C on the suspension spring support. I also need to repair or replace the suspension spring, as one leg is broken. I can't figure out how to remove the spring...
  14. M

    Thos Shurwood Yarmouth tall clock - info wanted

    Could you provide the source of your info? - and, thank you for the quick response!
  15. M

    Thos Shurwood Yarmouth tall clock - info wanted

    I'm looking for info on this clockmaker. Forum and internet searches yield nothing. Does anyone have info on this maker? I believe this is Yarmouth England.
  16. M

    Help Junghans 103 rating

    I'm overhauling a Junhgens 103 movement. The rating assembly consists of a disk with a spiral groove, and a tapered pin fixed through the top of the suspension spring assembly, with the free end riding in the spiral groove. Rotating the disk raises and lowers the suspension spring. In my case...

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