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    Staking set recommendations

    Thanks BLL.
  2. R

    Omega seamaster service

    Somebody should have told me it was impossible. I've been doing it for years. :)
  3. R

    Fun Pin Lever Watch

    It's a Brac movement. I've got a few old pin levers that still run pretty strong for their age.
  4. R

    Looking For Dial Repair Tool in Video From NAWCC Library

    Rob, try a Google search for "Bow Pen" and I think you'll find what you're referring to.
  5. R

    Marathon tools, Brushed or brushless?

    Thanks Larry. That's a good solution having the two outlets for a brushed and brushless hand piece on the same power supply. I wouldn't use either for the machine decoration but I'm going to try and set up my Tri-Duty with an adjustable table for perlage. My confidence in that method is a solid...
  6. R

    Starter screwdriver set ????

    I've restored a few vintage threads myself.
  7. R

    Marathon tools, Brushed or brushless?

    Thanks Jerry. That's an option I hadn't thought of. I'll do some online browsing and see if there's anyone local who can demo one for me.
  8. R

    Marathon tools, Brushed or brushless?

    'Marathon Dental motor' is the most common listing name. They're mostly used for the chamfering on bridges and balance cocks which is what I doing right now. A degussit stone is fitted and used for the first material removal and then finished by burnishing and polishing. The brushless models are...
  9. R

    P. P. Trump 8mm Lathe

    Trump would be so good at watch making it would make your head spin. :)
  10. R

    Watch screwdriver blade / tip shape ???

    Another issue is hollow ground on blued screws is more likely to scrape off oxide. The traditional taper is best for that situation. I usually dress depending on the value or ownership of the watch. If it's expensive, I dress whatever drivers I'm using to that watch prior.
  11. R

    Marathon tools, Brushed or brushless?

    I'm at the point of needing as little run-out as possible on the finishing of new bridges and any advise would be helpful. The Marathon III is a pretty inexpensive machine and I'm guessing low on torque which is fine. The Marathon v7 is brushless but I don't know if the runout would be greater...
  12. R

    Cleaning Pivot Files

    I use the old fashioned pick method. Takes a while but does the job. (make a fine point and pick each glob off)
  13. R

    Luminous Material Removal

    I've wondered about replacing the zinc sulphide and a few months ago saw it being sold for that purpose. I've never tried it though. It would be an interesting experiment just to see the difference between luminova and recharged radium. Using the proper precautions, obviously.
  14. R

    Help With Steampunk Nitwits

    Hey Tim. One thing that comes to mind is music boxes since I get the impression that's the kind of speed you're looking for. I think they use the fly type speed control already mentioned.
  15. R

    Secondhand moves freely backwards when watch is tilted

    Thanks Doug, that one had me scratchin. The boss rivet.
  16. R

    Apple I-Phone App Review : Hairspring -Watch Timing Machine

    I use Kello and it's been pretty consistent once you get the pickup figured out.
  17. R

    Feintaster Watchmakers Micrometer

    I find metric easier to measure and remember but that's an individual quirk. For a stationary mic they are pretty well the standard. You will need a hand held for the ninja style measuring.
  18. R

    How to make the balance wheel and movement plates all bright and shiny?

    I found these balance complete holders on-line years ago and they are great for cleaning and polishing. A stiff artist paint brush soaked in dish soap and then worked into a chunk of red rouge does it. That cleaning method also works on plates. It's gentle enough to polish but leave the...
  19. R

    Help- My watch movement came in the wrong case! (Omega Constellation)

    The case clip is bent. The clip should go under the ring to hold the movement inside.
  20. R

    refurbishing Mainsprings?

    You could make a jig for the S curve and wind the spring around a form. For cheap non destructive testing wrap it around your chest and go in for an x-ray. :)

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