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Search results

  1. jere dorough

    Turns of Mainspring for 8 day clock

    gee... I don't have to count turns on my seth thomas umbria - just keep winding until it hit the stop
  2. jere dorough

    The National

    Don't cancel it...reschedule to Sept or Oct!!!
  3. jere dorough

    American Ingraham + Pomeroy (?)

    thank you both for your helpful information. I found a copy of the feb 2009 bulletin. . great article! the back cover of that bulletin has a photo of 9 "column arch" clocks. in the middle row, right side is a match to the one i have. so there are at least 2 of them -
  4. jere dorough

    Advertising labels from clock repairers

    It's always interesting to find old advertising labels from clock repairers who want (or need) more business. Here's one from Horace Taylor in Canandaigua NY; found in a Seth Thomas Plymouth Hollow round band shelf clock. His shop must have been hard to find.
  5. jere dorough

    American Ingraham + Pomeroy (?)

    Recently bought an Ingraham 4-column shelf clock (17" x 10.75" x 5"); not shown in any of my old Ingraham catalogs. Has a good label with patent date of Dec 22, 1857 (for the door design?). The 8 day movement is unsigned but someone wrote N. Pomeroy on it! I hope that was done by some...
  6. jere dorough

    He/She Shed

    great job!!! But I think it needs to be bigger
  7. jere dorough

    Bad Day at The Store

    remember...time wounds all heels
  8. jere dorough

    Your Favourite Clock

    my mother once called me indecisive...she's right...I don't know which of these is my favorite
  9. jere dorough

    Forrestville Double OG

    nice looking clock...i have a forrestville clock with similar dial marking...they left the "e" off of the end of their name ???... I've seen pictures of other forrestville dials the same way...anyone know why???
  10. jere dorough

    need help to identify this old regulator clock

    I don't like to buy anything that I can't pronounce
  11. jere dorough

    Is there really any difference in quality between American T&S movements?

    I recently had a problem with a deplorable click...maybe I'm not winding my clocks properly. What's your secret?
  12. jere dorough

    Clock label misprints

    here's a label from a wood works clock,,,they managed to spell Ephraim correctly, but his last name is Downs
  13. jere dorough

    Just wondering...

    I'm hardly ever on time to a meeting ... usually 10 minutes early or 10 minutes late. Is it OK to blame my clocks ????
  14. jere dorough

    Merry Christmas

    I didn't know you could say that in America???
  15. jere dorough

    Some new acquisitions from the last 2 weekends

    very nice...however... if you keep collecting at this rate you'll need a bigger house
  16. jere dorough

    A Terrible Repair of a Beautiful Clock

    Which is worse ... a rathburn bushing (with or without solder) OR punch marks around almost every pivot hole :???:
  17. jere dorough

    Clock strikes one minute past the hour

    thanks shutterbug for your response...after twisting, pushing, pulling, yelling the umbria now strikes 1 minute before 12. a 100% improvement.. i'm surprised no one suggested rotating the dial by about 12 degrees counter clockwise so the minute hand would be on the 12 when striking. why does...
  18. jere dorough

    Clock strikes one minute past the hour

    I wish I could help you but I have the opposite problem...my Seth Thomas Umbria strikes 2 minutes before the hour (sigh)
  19. jere dorough

    Seth Thomas ogee with wonderful patriotic glass

    Thanks Sooth for your help. I like the C&LC Ives tablets even though they are not Fenn

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