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    Waterbury triple plate video

    Does anyone know of a good repair video for the Waterbury triple plate chime movement? I have two both and in need of cleaning and maybe overhaul as well. I would like to know as much as possible about the before I start. Thanks.
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    grandfather clock striking error

    the quarter hour chimes work fine the clock keeps accurate time. the only problem is that the hour strike only activates at the 9 o clock position and it does strike 9 times. But the hour strike will not function at any other hour on the dial. Sorry I don't have any pictures of the movemnt but...
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    grandfather clock striking error

    I have a Wellington grandfather clock that seems to be stuck only chiming at the 9 oclock positon. The hands move and the clock is keeping proper time and the clock does chime on the quarter hour. How should I go about troubleshooting this problem? Thanks
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    trimming roller jewels

    I need to replace the roller jewel in a Hamilton 18 size watch with a double roller. I have a replacement jewel but it's too long. Is there a good way to trim a little off the jewel?
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    Hamilton 940 motor barrel/mainspring

    I have a Hamilton 940 that I need to replace the mainspring on,but the ratchet motor wheel? is firmly attached to the barrel arbor which is keeping me from removing the barrel arbor from the barrel until I can get the arbor out I can't get the new spring in.Does anyone know the best way to...
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    stuck pocket watch bezel

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    stuck pocket watch bezel

    I hope I posted this in the right place. I have a base metal case that I can't remove the bezel from.. And I can't remove the movement until I do. I tried to glue a metal lid to the bezel for more leverage but that has not worked. Right now I have applied oil to the bezel and will let it soak...
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    tight dial screws

    I am trying to loosen the dial screws on a project watch and so far I have tried penetrating oil and heat with no luck so I have soaked the screws with oil and set it aside for now. I would like to know of any other ideas that I might try. I would really like to avoid drilling the screws if I...
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    pocket watch run time

    I was just wondering just what the average run time can be expected on a "Good" or "new" mainspring. I have not always replaced the mainspring on a watch I get if it will run and keep time for at least 24 hours. What do you think?
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    roller table replacement

    I have just started to replace the balance staff on a hamilton 940 grade pocket watch and I forgot to mark the location of the roller jewel before i removed the roller table from the staff. Normally i make a mark on the balance wheel before I start. Not this time. How can I find the right...
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    rust on my balance staffs

    Is there a safe way to remove surface rust on my nos balance staffs?
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    loose roller table

    I have just replaced the balance staff on a size 12 illinois pocket Burlington and now the roller table sets loose on the balance staff. Is there a way to tighten the roller ? maybe by staking the hole with a punch?
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    trouble with waltham model 92 grade 845

    Iam having the cause of a problem with my waltham model 1892 the balance wheel seems to be bound up and will not turn freely . the balance staff and pivots but power does not seem to be getting transmitted to the balance from the mainspring. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem? Thanks.
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    American PW picking the right balance staff

    I am replacing the balance staff on a Waltham grade 845 model 1892 but while trying to measure the staff I dropped it on the shop floor. lost and gone forever. The right replacement should be either a 1703 or a 1703A can someone tell me which one it is? Serial # of movement is 16006052 with a...
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    pocket watch case repair

    Can anyone suggest a book or two on repairing pocket watch cases? It seems more and more when I pick up a watch for repair off of ebay the case stem pulls out of the case I guess from too many people not understanding what a lever set watch movement is. Anyway I need some reference material...
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    help with Watham 1883 wwinding mech.

    Thanks for the info Rick I will check the pinion on this watch in the morning. The watch I am working on is a lever set but it looks much like the one in your pictures. I am particularly interested in the position of tip of the spring under the yoke in your second photo at about the 2 o clock...
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    help with Watham 1883 wwinding mech.

    Can anyone show me a photo of how the setting wheel spring is supposed to look in relation to the potance and setting wheel on a Waltham 18 size 1883 model ? Does the spring rest under the setting wheel? I can"t seem to get the ratchet wheel to engage and when I try to wind the mainspring the...
  18. T

    elgin pallet fork

    I could use some ideas on was to line up a pallet fork on an elgin grade 102 18 size pocket watch.I can't seem to get the end of the fork to extend out into the lower plate and line up withe balance without pulling the pallet fork pivots out of the jewels. Are there any secrets to this? Thanks.
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    removing broken plate screws

    Does anyone know of a way to remove broken plate screws from a 18 size full plate pocket watch? The heads of the screws are completely missing and only the shaft of the screw can be seen. I would like to remove the screw without damage to the treads of possible. Thanks.
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    replacing pocket watch bushings

    I have an Elgin 11 jewel pocket watch that I have not opened up yet, but I was wondering if anyone has ever had to replace one or more of the bushings that are in the plates because of wear? If so are replacement bushings available today and is the procedure for replacing them the same as...

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