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  1. Missy

    New Haven Parlor Clock

    I found a 2009 post by Steven Thornberry stating the Governor was part of New Haven Statesman Line 1895 + or _. I could not find a picture. Hope this helps.
  2. Missy

    Wrecks, Remembrances, and Romance: Songs about Railroad Trains

    Love Vince Gill, favorite country singer. If you like Gladys Knight & the Pips, here is Midnight Train To Georgia. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=Midnight+train+to+georgia
  3. Missy

    Wrecks, Remembrances, and Romance: Songs about Railroad Trains

    No melancholy here Clint. My daughter has a friend who formed a band in Baton Rouge, La., Sam Short. Here is Freight Train. If it doesn't make you want to jitter-bug or at least tap your toe, better call the undertaker. https://www.reverbnation.com/roebucks/song/5045997-freight-train
  4. Missy

    Majolica Nouveau Clock - Who is the maker - where to find the inner clock part?

    The C. H. probably stands for Charles Hour of Paris. He registered the C.H. mark around 1900. In1927 he went into partnership with Lavigne to form Hour Lavigne. Your clock would probably fall in between these two dates. Some of the American clock makers who made Majolica clocks were New haven...
  5. Missy

    Disney and New Haven Do Not Mix

    Ouch, that hurts my heart!
  6. Missy

    ID Help

    S. LaRose sold these American style repo Asian clocks back in the 80's. All were 31day & hour and 1/2 strike. This style was offered in two sizes. The "Grand" 56 1/2 high and 22" wide for $195.00 and the "Baby Grand" 36 1/2" high and 14" wide for $99.50. My husband liked the big clocks so...
  7. Missy

    Big Carved parcel gilt Mantel Clock - 18th century? Austrian? Info Welcome

    Just wondering if that filled in slot under the bottom could have been an opening for an attached music box. The Swiss and Germans do love their music boxes. I have several "Joker" musical alarm clocks with a slot like that cut in the bottom.
  8. Missy

    Help with Identifying a French Mantle Clock

    Thanks for verifying that, jmclaugh (and thanks for remembering me.) I knew you were very knowledgeable of the French clocks that I love.
  9. Missy

    Help with Identifying a French Mantle Clock

    I agree with JTD. The OP's clock isn't a silk thread suspension, not to me anyway as I have one. Would it be a tic-tac or a fixed pendulum according to the tooth span of the anchor?? Just curious.
  10. Missy

    Help with Identifying a French Mantle Clock

    From my faded notes of years ago, I would agree From my faded notes of years ago, I would agree with new2clocks - Antoine Redier. I love French clocks and that's a pretty one. I have a date written by his name of 1875
  11. Missy

    Daniel M. Weiss, RIP

    I haven't been on the message board in quite a few years, but checked occasionally about Dan. I am so sorry to read that he has passed on. I thought if anyone made lemon aide out of lemons, he did. In spite of his speech impediment and dropping out of school, he had a good job suited to him and...
  12. Missy

    Daniel M. Weiss, RIP

  13. Missy

    Harold Bain . . . RIP

    So sorry to read this sad news. He was always so helpful and patient. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  14. Missy

    Help identifying my new clock

    That's what I have JTD, but I probably got that information from you. Because of my interest in French clocks, I always read your post on them as you are so well versed on them. Missy
  15. Missy

    Christmas Gift

    The round stamp on the back of the movement does say Japy Freres and Medaille d' Honneur that he won in an exhibition in Paris in 1855 and used until 1858. Very pretty French clock. Missy
  16. Missy

    Dan Weiss

    So glad to see you back Dan. You were really missed and had everyone so worried. :clap:
  17. Missy

    Dan Weiss

    So glad to hear he is alright, except for having to use a wheelchair. That's better than being in a nursing home. I'm so glad he has a nephew an niece to help him. Missy
  18. Missy

    Sad,sad day!!!

    I am so shocked and saddened to read this. She was one of the few ladies that participated on this board and so knowledgeable of clocks and their repair. I got the impression that she was fairly new to clocks, but learned at warp speed. I always enjoyed her posts and admired her greatly. She...
  19. Missy

    Dan Weiss

    I am wondering if he got put in a rehab because his knees got so bad he couldn't get around. I remember a good while back he disappeared for a good while. He finally came back and said he had been in rehab and wasn't happy about it at all. He evidently isn't at home or he would have answered his...
  20. Missy


    I found THIS on antiqueclockspriceguide. They attribute it to Bristol Brass and Clock Co. 1852. Bristol Brass and Clock Co. never manufactured clocks, only the mechanisms for them. They also made brass burners for lamps and later brass for autos. I read Waterbury also used this case. I couldn't...

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