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    Lewis Samuel

    As I have just retired I'm finding time to catch up and guess LOL I should finally respond by saying thank you for all your threads. again I'm a novice at best and just trying to get some info. I'll try to take better pictures and post.
  2. F

    Lewis Samuel

    There is very little info about these watches on the internet and makes me wonder how rare the are. I'm a novice at this - I too inherited too from my Father a vast collection which when I have time I try to review. This is what came from the Liverpool Museum Data Base. HorologyBack to your...
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    Lewis Samuel

    Lewis Samuels NAWCC Bulletin Oct 1992 Interesting letters from Tobias Lewis Samuel posted in teh NAWCC Bulletin 1992
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    Lewis Samuel

    Hello this is brusman. sorry bin awhile since my first posting. Here are some more pictures
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    What is this?

    Hello out there. My father past away over a year ago and I'm just getting down to documenting his vast collection of Clocks & Watches. He was good about tagging all the watches but not the clocks. Some I do know about but the attached very large wall clock nothing. Does anyone one know what...
  6. F

    Lewis Samuel

    Trying to find info and value of a Lewis Samuels Pocket watch C. 1845 limited edition - 18kt openface fussee 15 1/2 Ligne lever 10 holes could not find too much on an internet search- any info - websites of any kind would be helpful

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