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    American Lenderman Banjo Clock Movement

    That's phenomenal. I love those clocks
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    American Lenderman Banjo Clock Movement

    I love it. I can see the Dunning dimensions, and yet, it's its own unique clock. Very nice.
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    American Lenderman Banjo Clock Movement

    These are beautiful clocks. I'm curious, do you build clocks just for yourself or for sale?
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    H Poulsen clock movement- danish?

    Hi all. Has anyone ever come across this clock maker before? I have one of his movements, but I can't find any others. I think he might be danish, his movements might be in bornholm clocks. Any information is appreciated! H Poulsen
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    Elmer Stennes

    I have the same clock, #3 - - - Updated - - - Only 4 were made
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    Any ideas who made this grandfather clock?

    I contacted the collector I bought it from and he had one last piece of info. Apparently the case was built in Concord, MA. Also, I was wondering- did the E Howard movements have "E Howard & Co Boston" engraved on it all six decades that were mentioned? Thanks
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    Any ideas who made this grandfather clock?

    The movement is an E Howard. It is marked E Howard & Co Boston. It is from between 1858-1881. And the hands belong to that movement. I would guess the dial was repainted in order to be placed in the case. The pictures hide the imperfections. Both the case and the dial look their age in person...
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    Any ideas who made this grandfather clock?

    Hey everyone. First post. I got hardly any info on this clock when I bought it. It was supposedly made in the 1950's for a surgeon in Massachusetts. It's a cherry case, with a pre-1900 E Howard movement. The movement has a bell, not a gong, which I did not find on any other E Howard grandfather...

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