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    Movado 84-25-811.4 Movement Replacement

    Hello Doug and thank you for the reply. I measured the face at 19mm and the back opening at 17mm so I knew the movement with face and hands would not come out the back. I easily removed the stem and crown. After further checking, I noticed the case could be split. After doing this, the...
  2. L

    Movado 84-25-811.4 Movement Replacement

    Hello and Good Day, I have a Movado 84-25-811.4 in which I would like to replace the movement. I have a spare movement and I have questions on the removal from a watch. It appears the movement needs to come out from the front, crystal side. I do not want to exert any pressure and it does not...
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    Obselete Watch Parts Wanted

    Re: Watch Parts Wanted Please delete lifeisgud71 post !! Thanks
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    MB Rules and Parts request. Please Read

    Hello Jim Haney, I am new to the watch repair section. I have been repairing clocks for about 15 years and have used the clock section many times. I am in the process of learning more about watches as I have inherited quite a few pocket watches. In my opinion 30-60 days is sufficient to keep...
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    Obselete Watch Parts Wanted

    Re: Watch Parts Wanted I replaced my first watch movement on a Skagen 583XLSXDO (Harley Ronda 706). All went well except the flying sub-dial hand (.20 x 4mm) I believe. Can anyone help with parts location? Thanks in advance and this may be my last watch repair!! These are tiny!! G
  6. L

    Shop Made Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Hello Cuckoojohnboy, Here is a photo of mine. Does not clean real well, but makes my feet feel better!! The only expensive part was the stainless pot!! Garry
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    Obsolete clock parts wanted

    Re: Clock Parts Wanted Hello and Good Day, I have a Schatz 53, which had a ratchet self destruct. This is the second time I wound the clock and I will check the ratchet first from now on. Lesson after 2 bruised fingers and blackened nails. I do not have a donor clock and any assistance to find...
  8. L

    Help Identify Brass Plated Ansonia

    Thanks Harold. Have a great day! Garry
  9. L

    It's only a myth... or is it?

    I have had a problem where the clock would stop upon winding, not always, then when the pendulum was swung, the clock would continue running fine. I always looked at this as an issue where the clock just stopped at such the right moment as to not have enough force from the escape wheel to move...
  10. L

    Help Identify Brass Plated Ansonia

    Hello, Can someone please help identify this Ansonia. It is plated brass for most of the case. Lucky it has not been cleaned too harshly. Numbers on the bottom of the case are 248-53 and the movement has Ansonia Clock Co. New York 5-1/4 The movement appears to be working fine and I believe...
  11. L

    Electric WW Skagen Second Hand Moves Every 4 Seconds

    Thank you kindly for the quick reply and professional assistance. Garry
  12. L

    Electric WW Skagen Second Hand Moves Every 4 Seconds

    Hello and good day, I have a Skagen 583XLSXDO that is about 4 months old. The second hand moves in 4 second increments, but the watch keeps good time over the past couple weeks. Could this be a weak battery, or should I return the watch for warranty repair? I have no idea what could cause...
  13. L

    Schatz Lectronic Suspension Spring

    Hello and Good Day, I have a Schatz Lectronic that has been laying around for some time and it is missing the complete suspension spring. Does anyone have a measurement for the size or possibly a part number for a replacement spring? Thanks in advance. GB
  14. L

    building suspension spring blocks

    I have been successful taking these springs apart (carefully) and using the top and bottom portions of the spring for the sides The brass portions snap together and have held quite well. I have 2 clocks that have been running for months with this repair.
  15. L

    Schatz 53

    Hello and good day. I have had some problems with the Horolovar .0023 springs purchased within the past year. Some even have a slight curve when laid out flat. I have some difficulty with accurate thickness measurement as my micrometers are good to the thousandth of an inch and...
  16. L

    Ships Clocks

    A ships 8 bell clock repeats every 4 hours as so: 12:00 8 bells 12:30 1 bell 13:00 2 bells 13:30 3 bells 14:00 4 bells 14:30 5 bells 15:00 6 bells 15:30 7 bells 16:00 8 bells Then repeat. Hope this helps, my brother is a Navy veteran.
  17. L

    400 Day Clock Brass Base Repair

    Hello and Good day Chuck, I just got hold of Bill Ellison and he does have some bases and other parts. Thanks for the information. GB
  18. L

    Need photo of Roses from a mini (3 ball) schatz

    Hello Again and Good Day! I do certainly agree with the beauty of the original face of the clock showing some age. The face of my clock was comparable to the one shown by TNMechanic before it was cleaned. They do clean up quite nice if one is careful. I was going to add a note that the face...
  19. L

    Seth Thomas 89I Double-ended key

    Hello Again and Good Day, Thanks for the good advice. I have noticed keys with the same number size are actually different, depending on where they are made! Europe, USA, and India seem to have slightly different tolerances for the same number size. GB
  20. L

    Need photo of Roses from a mini (3 ball) schatz

    Hello and Good Day, I have a few of these. I will attach a photo, but for a better quality image I will need your email address. GB

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