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  1. D

    I would like information regarding this unmarked weight driven time only movement

    Mr. Thornberry, I thought that was for those who made the movements also. I can and have made three 60 BPM movements but I get more pleasure from making the cases. I will try posting some pictures on clock construction if you think it is appropriate.
  2. D

    I would like information regarding this unmarked weight driven time only movement

    After reading all the posts in this thread, I am convinced that there should be a category for those of us that like to make new cases for orphan movements. And TAT, when you get the tooth/pinion count completed, the 72 might be the BPM. If it turns out that 72 is the BPM the pendulum length...
  3. D

    This week on my workbench.

    Perhaps the center one.
  4. D

    Ever seen this ??????

    Never seen the pendulum hang like this one. Does it work OK?
  5. D

    Source for time only movements

    Again, thanks to all. I was able to get Marks web site and see pictures of his movements. Unfortunately, none are suitable to my needs. I have enough old movements to make 5 more clock cases.
  6. D

    Source for time only movements

    Mr. Thornberry, when I type Mark Butterworth in the "find member" space the PC tells me to type a real person, At the bottom of the notable members page I can type in the name---Mark Butterworth, and it gets me nothing useful. I know he is out there but I do not know where.
  7. D

    Source for time only movements

    Help again. I have, over the past several years, tried to contact Butterworth Clocks and I have NEVER been able to contact them. I am not sure they are real.
  8. D

    Source for time only movements

    Bruce, Vernon, Shut, thanks to all for your input. The Lindow movements are outstanding and I have never heard of them before. Dick
  9. D

    Source for time only movements

    I have been depending on the auction sites for my weight driven time only clock movements that I like to build cases for, but, they have become quite expensive. Does any one know of a source for new 80 beat, weight driven, time only movements?
  10. D

    OG surprise

    Will this picture help?
  11. D

    OG surprise

    I was really surprised to find this behind the dial of a old OG clock. I should have noticed there were no pulleys on the top. Is this a bit unusual?
  12. D

    Cuckoo music box governor

    Good Morning Mark, Totally agree about the governors. I dread getting a 1 day musical cuckoo with the MB on the top. I have started quoting a price that includes a new MB.
  13. D

    Juwt want to know what this is worth.

    Mr. Newbie, You have not gotten any response because values are not discussed in this forum. Although I am not qualified to welcome you, Welcome to the NAWCC Message Board.
  14. D

    Getting To Know You

    Missy, that was just a great post. I got my start while living near New Orleans, a friend introduced me to clocks. We were both in the Navy, stationed at Belle Chase. It was called Naval Air Station New Orleans. We made many lunch time trips to Magazine Street visiting the antique stores and...
  15. D

    hermle movement 1161-853 H.S. 114/60

    John, for you and ME, I hope some one who reads this will tell you what you are wanting to know.
  16. D

    Getting To Know You

    George Nelson, maybe we all need to give you our thanks for this thread. It is most interesting, Yes, I may be the oldest reader of this forum. If any are older I would like to hear from them. I will be 84 in January and I'm proud to say I have no serious health issues. And, I still spend...
  17. D

    Getting To Know You

    I am Richard Storer, born Jan. 6 1934, Quinter, KS. The first 9 years of my life was on the farm in Western Kansas. 1943 had us moving from the farm to Desoto, KS, near Kansas City. I joined the Navy Reserves in 1952 and went on active duty in the reserves in 1955. I retired from the Navy in...
  18. D

    Seth Thomas #2 regulator key

    Klokwiz, it would have been a crank. Size, I do not know. I have several REPO's and they use a 7 I thin k. Any weight driven clock would require a crank.
  19. D

    Got myself a new toy from an Estate Sale.

    slewfoot, thanks for letting us know that you are making progress. Lots of times we never know if we helped or not.
  20. D

    Got myself a new toy from an Estate Sale.

    I was born the year that Alcatraz became a prison. I have several years on you.

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