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  1. S_Owsley

    Pendulum Cleaning

    The problem you are having is that the plating is failing and polishing will not make it better. It looks like a silver plated finish with a clearcoat top coat. The clearcoat failed, then polishing made that worse and then attacked the plating - at least that is what it appears to have happened...
  2. S_Owsley

    Silencing strike on French Comtoise clock

    I was having lunch with friends and one of them has a cased French Comtoise / Morbier clock. She said she doesn't run it because the strike is too loud. I told her I would take a look at it. Might it be just as simple as asking her not to wind the strike side? I have no experience in these at...
  3. S_Owsley

    Is Renaissance Wax Abrasive?

    It's not abrasive but I wouldn't want it close to any pivot holes because it's wax and wax repels oil.
  4. S_Owsley

    Free cuckoo clock!!!!!!! Pre, or post WWII?????

    I date this clock post WWII. And I agree that someone has sprayed or brushed something unappealing over the outside of the clock. Best guess is late '50's early '60's. Pre-WWII would have had more finely done carvings. I say your first guess is the right one. Not particularly valuable, but...
  5. S_Owsley

    Antique clock face-Clean? Restore? or leave alone?

    OK, I'm late to this old thread, but I can't help but think that some paste wax on a rag, and then a good buff would have cleaned up every spec of what ailed this dial. Oh well.
  6. S_Owsley

    What clock did you buy for yourself this Christmas?

    How BIG is it? Give me some envy dimensions!
  7. S_Owsley

    Omega watches now cost "megabucks". Ladies Omegas not so feminine anymore.

    I don't assume that the Omega movement powering a '50's cocktail watch was built to the same standard (of timekeeping / complexity) as a men's full size watch. Change my mind. :)
  8. S_Owsley

    Worse Investment Than Pocket Watches or Old Clocks

    Maybe my dream Waltham banjo at a price I can justify will appear to ease the pain.
  9. S_Owsley

    Worse Investment Than Pocket Watches or Old Clocks

    My Tesla stock shares :( Go out there and buy something nice for yourself, and enjoy it. You deserve some love.
  10. S_Owsley

    1925 Ingraham Mantle in real bad shape. Suggestions.

    I would recommend getting some wood clamps, glue and close the long horizontal crack along the face. For the rest I would use wood filler. Then I would carefully light sand using a sanding block, stain, then finish with shellac or a several coats of spray lacquer, using steel wool / sanding with...
  11. S_Owsley

    1925 Ingraham Mantle in real bad shape. Suggestions.

    I don't see the value in salvaging this clock, especially when nicer intact examples are readily had for very few dollars. I'm sure you could gain a lot of experience and knowledge however by working on it that may be useful in the future. I"m really at a loss as to why you bought this?
  12. S_Owsley

    Restoring A Chelsea Banjo Clock Dial

    I second the idea of sending the dial out to a professional. The results will likely be much better, and if done well, the clock will still be stunning. I think learning to do dial restoration is best done on your own clocks.
  13. S_Owsley

    Inherited my Grandparents Clock

    So glad you did the right thing and got it serviced. Enjoy that clock and resist the temptation to buy more. It's perfect.
  14. S_Owsley

    Seth Thomas No.2 Reissue?

    Of course it's legit. All the reissue cases used phillips head screws. And U.S. America was the term used early 20th century.
  15. S_Owsley

    Schatz 8 day Cuckoo

    The pendulum stick on my original Schatz is 9.5" long.
  16. S_Owsley

    Schatz 8 day Cuckoo

    FYI in regards to the pendulum length, this is what an all factory parts Schatz 8 day looks like, for reference.
  17. S_Owsley

    Very small cuckoo clock.

    I prefer the mechanical novelty cuckoos, but that does look trouble free! Against my better judgement, I'll say it's sort of cute and at least it probably keeps accurate time, unlike the mechanical versions.
  18. S_Owsley

    Fantasy Clock created from bits bought at NAWCC York Regional !

    Other than the Phillips screws, looks great.
  19. S_Owsley

    Kundo Kundo Electromagnetic - Can't rate

    I have the same Kundo as your second picture. Replaced the suspension spring with what should be the correct one from eBay. Adjusting the paul and the rating nut, I cannot get it to keep proper time. I've gone back and forth both ways a few times. I've given up and just let it run as a...
  20. S_Owsley

    Omega SpeedMaster Professional early birthday gift!

    I am so happy for you! This is my dream watch! What a wonderful story.

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