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  1. L

    20th c American After 1900 1920s? Ingraham 8-Day Alarm Luminous Clock

    Corroborating your dating, there is a very similar clock now on Ebay in the U.S. that states "Time Period Manufactured: 1950-1959."
  2. L

    Chelsea Deck Clock No. 1 US NAVY

    I don't know if the Navy records survive and can be accessed. Maybe somebody more knowledgeable can help.
  3. L

    Chelsea Deck Clock No. 1 US NAVY

    No, that is a number assigned by the U.S. Navy. The Chelsea serial number is stamped on the movement, and often the back of the case. https://chelseaclockmuseum.com/serial_numbers.html#:~:text=Serial%20Numbers%20%20%20%20Serial%20Number%20,%20%201990-%20%2016%20more%20rows%20
  4. L

    New Haven cigarette dispenser

    Great condition. I think filtered cigarettes may be anachronistic.
  5. L

    Sharing 2"tall Waterbury carriage clock

    The "Speck" - circa 1905-1912. Unusual to have the case!
  6. L

    sawin gallery clock, c1834

    See #249: https://archive.org/details/exhibitionfairof00mass/page/n21/mode/2up
  7. L

    sawin gallery clock, c1834

    From Delaney's informative website, "The Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association held it's first fair in 1837. John Sawin entered two gallery clocks in the competition. They were equipped with improved regulators to avoid the necessity of removing the dial. They were proclaimed to be the...
  8. L

    Thomas Mercer clock - more info highly appreciated

    Thank you for the information! I have a Mercer that I cherish.
  9. L

    Thomas Mercer clock - more info highly appreciated

    From a 2006 thread Mercer Ships Clock Info Needed, "... mainly made for shipping lines and weren't marketed to the general public and Mercers were not a large volume producer." Mercer's bulkhead clocks have a contrate (crown) wheel.
  10. L

    new family member, 'crystal', 12 lbs 2 oz

    Beautiful! Serial #47823(?) would place it a few years earlier. http://www.chelseaclockmuseum.com/newpage6.htm
  11. L

    Chelsea serial # 6190

    I spent 40 years as a lettering artist, and may be oversensitive to irregularities in letterforms and numbers as a result. It was usually my own ineptitude I was fretting over.
  12. L

    Chelsea serial # 6190

    The bottom strokes of the 6, 5, and 3 as well as the diagonal of the 4 look rough to me.
  13. L

    Chelsea serial # 6190

    The numbers appear to have been retouched and repainted, some more successfully than others.
  14. L

    1841 8-day 3-weight 1/4 striking perpetual calendar w/ moon dial

    Perchance, Wall Papers for Historic Buildings: A Guide to Selecting Reproduction Wallpapers Richard C. Nylander "... over 1,350 different wallpapers from 1700 to 1910..." See "Abebooks."
  15. L

    Ansonia "Denver" Mantle Clock

    If the chimes are half an hour out of sync, all you need to do is remove and reverse the minute hand.
  16. L

    My new McCabe carriage/mantel clock

    ... and by the distinctive toothed quoins!
  17. L

    Is this a Waterbury?

    RM, Might I, over five years later, ask you to share more of your expertise in dating this type of clock. Were later ones more apt to be of oak? Pictured below is an Ansonia, model unknown, that I picked up a few years ago. It is walnut, and the top of the cabinet is curved, rather than...
  18. L

    French Pendule Religieuse by Chauvin of Lyon

    A wonderful acquisition! Coster's first (http://www.antique-horology.org/Invention/Images/AntHor-par1-Coster_N01.jpg) set the standard with numbered minutes. Mightn't emphasizing the vastly-improved accuracy from about 15 minutes to 15 seconds per day have proved irresistible?
  19. L

    S. S. United States IBM clock

    Held since 1952! I loved Mary II's tenth birthday tribute from her peers:
  20. L

    Mantel Clock Carl Ludwig Buschberg Berlin w/ Verge escapement

    Silver leaf would tarnish over time (unless sealed with a clear varnish that would dull it.) I would guess that white gold (that is around 50% pure gold) is far more likely to have been used. Palladium leaf might be preferable now, but palladium had not been discovered until after the clock was...

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