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Search results

  1. richtitan

    Movement Identification

    yes sorry obviously more knowledge than me
  2. richtitan

    Movement Identification

    The “ wholesalers “ was a Jeweller in Swansea Norman and Williams as on the dial
  3. richtitan

    Movement Identification

    Unfortunately not the movement is with my Clockman and the surround is with my french polisher The dial and surround was from a renovated chapel in Wales. The dial and surround was fixed to the chapel wall and was wound and adjusted from room behind Would this have been called a tower clock...
  4. richtitan

    Movement Identification

    Ooo thanks T The movement is currently on an English dial clock from a chapel in Wales
  5. richtitan

    Movement Identification

    Hi guys I’m a newbie Need help with identification of fusee clock movement Thanks in advance

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