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  1. Paul Sullivan

    Show Your Special American Collections

    Ethan, Thanks for bringing your thread up again. I think most of us have quite a few sub-categories (i.e. excuses for purchasing more watches) within our collections. Here are all of my Waltham Vanguards. 01- 1892 Vanguard 6027694 1893 02- 1892 Vanguard 7002263 1895 - 1901 03- 1892...
  2. Paul Sullivan

    Hamilton - watchmaking 1936 - photos by Lewis Hine/National Archives

    Great series of of production photos from the factory!
  3. Paul Sullivan

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Ethan, Thank you for the tip. I've seen them for on ebay so I'll have to pick one up. I've got quite a few watches with with loose bows!
  4. Paul Sullivan

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Illinois 806 16s 3882076 Santa Fe Special Adj. 3p (1921) The 806 model 9, is certainly one of my favorite movements when it comes to Illinois 16s watches and I've looked to buying a 16s Santa Fe Special for years and finally purchased this one last year. The watch is in great condition having...
  5. Paul Sullivan

    12 Illinois, "ROCKLAND"

    Interesting bunch of names indeed. I never realized they had so many. Even one called "DICTATOR"!
  6. Paul Sullivan

    12 Illinois, "ROCKLAND"

    WOW! Have come across a few of these named Illinois cases, but never knew they had such a large variations in 12s names. Thanks for posting the list of variations!
  7. Paul Sullivan

    “Pair of nice Bunns”, Illinois 16S, 17-Jewel

    A Couple of Big Bunns First a two tone 18s 21j Bunn Spc. model 6, #1295432 (1895), in a generic display case. Second is an 18s 24j Bunn Spc. model 6, #1612243 (1902). cased in a Keystone J.Boss 25 yr. GF case.
  8. Paul Sullivan

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    And a very nice one also! Congrats.
  9. Paul Sullivan

    American Watch Advertising

    Three Elgin medallions. I've never had much in the way of physical vintage watch advertising or ephemera, outside of reprints in various Meggers and Ehrhardt guides to American Pocket Watches. I came across these Elgin medallions being auctioned online and I bought three. The top is from the...
  10. Paul Sullivan

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Hamilton 16s 971(H/C), ser. no. 327009 (1905), 21j, A5P, P/S. Over the past year or more I've been slowly filling grade gaps in my 16s Hamilton collection, and I came cross this one back in October. It had been relegated to a somewhat cheap no name display case. The watch came with a Hamilton...
  11. Paul Sullivan

    New guy with new watch

    Patrick, Congratulations on an extremely nice first watch. You made a great choice. Welcome and best of luck with your wonderful 16s E. Howard!
  12. Paul Sullivan

    Which is your favorite American bridge movement?

    Hamilton 961 L/S, 16s, no. 325896 (1909) The 961 was the first true bridge movement I purchased back in 2013, about 4 years into collecting PW's. Some 9 years later, I still have only a handful of true bridge movements (all Hamiltons). My second favorite( bought back in 2015) is a lovely...
  13. Paul Sullivan

    Elgin pronunciation

    Pronunciation of Elgin Looks like hard G in UK and El-jin in the US.
  14. Paul Sullivan

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    18s Hampden 15J Railway model 2 movement. #373405 (1885-86) I don't have many Hampdens, but I jumped on the chance to get one made in Springfield MA. not in Canton OH. I live in MA about 8 miles from the Waltham factory (now condos) and hadn't come across any made here in MA until I came across...
  15. Paul Sullivan

    The Art of American Case Making

    Most all of my cases are relatively plain and many that are GF show wear to varying degrees. That being said I do have a few that have made it through with little wear. This model 1892 Vanguard (#6027694 made 1893-4) has a beautiful Dueber GF die-engraved case with fancy engraved initials on...
  16. Paul Sullivan

    If Only Watches Could Talk!

    John, Thanks for posting your reading of "Reminiscences of an Old Timer" and taking the time to do a great reading! I've come across quite a few articles from the Hamilton's in house news and magazine articles, but not this one. My second purchased pocket watch was a 956 Hamilton over 11 years...
  17. Paul Sullivan

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Illinois 606, model 9, 16s, A3P, PS, #4093944 (1922), with "Illinois Central" marked on dial and movement. The 606 was purchased last August complete with the 20 yr GF Star SB&B case (which shows additional screw marks for at least one prior resident) in excellent shape showing little wear, a...
  18. Paul Sullivan

    Post your Raised Gold Jeweled settings (RGJS or RGS)

    Hamilton 961 16s - 325896 (1909)
  19. Paul Sullivan

    Sets of Three

    Three Old Timers 252, 18s. Father Time 8833289 (1900) 367 18s Father Time 13890069 (1908) 389 18s Father Time 16267367 (1912)

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