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  1. H

    Audemar Piguet pocket watch research

    It is not a first time when people in AP US give contradicting and completely wrong information about antique AP watches. I had similar experience with AP NY. Diane, serial number of your watch suggests the movement was manufactured in 1917-1918. The watch itself maybe made a little later. AP...
  2. H

    Late 19thC Chronograph ...help with identification please?

    Hi Piers, The caliber is Minerva 9-19CH and it seems to be made at least 15 years later than 1891.
  3. H

    Charles Frodsham 1/4 repeater held for 6 years.

    Without documents and no commentary (yet?) from Richard Stenning, I am attached to the following assumption. Frodsham, having established links with Swiss manufacturers who supplied the company with English-styled movements as early as since 1850s, decided to gain from exporting watches...
  4. H

    Charles Frodsham 1/4 repeater held for 6 years.

    Paul, Happen to have the # - that movement was sold ~half a year ago at Ebay - #4092 unfortunately is not in the survived Ledgers as far as I can figure out looking at the list of LA serials. John, Movement definitely stamped 'Dent'. Better resolution: There are some other "Dent au...
  5. H

    Charles Frodsham 1/4 repeater held for 6 years.

    Carrying a "Charles Frodsham à Genève" inscription on the dial does not necessarily oblige the firm (in 19th cent.) to have a branch within the place they were referring to. Back then, being not regulated by law, it was common for English retailers (even reputable, as well as others) to write...
  6. H

    Pocket watch chronograph movement identification and function

    Hello, It is widely assumed the species of this caliber were made by Stauffer company under Charles Nicolet patent. By googling 'stauffer [pocket] chronograph' you could find plenty of identical movements (often Stauffer-signed) as well as several surveys. Your movement dates to 1900-1920s...
  7. H

    High grade beautiful wolf teeth ! Who manufactured this movement ?

    May I inquire what fact (or at least the fragment of it) permits a possibility of L-E PIGUET's relation with this caliber?
  8. H

    High grade beautiful wolf teeth ! Who manufactured this movement ?

    Hi, C.H. Meylan were producing these: for themselves and under various private labels:
  9. H

    Looking for info on Chaux De Fonds pocket watch

    Antonios, thank you very much for the images! Together with the ads, they double my confidence about Saltzman's full concentration on the American market. Not sure why you back then decided to impugn it. Relation between Saltzman, Nicoud and other mentioned companies remains unclear. Nicoud...
  10. H

    Looking for info on Chaux De Fonds pocket watch

    Nicoud-brand, too, by the way, worked for the American market mainly (if not exclusively). Same with Victor Vuillaume and Albert Vuille - even more rare birds and seen solely at the North American market now. However, I recall once noticing a very neat Frederic Nicoud chronograph in Japan...
  11. H

    Looking for info on Chaux De Fonds pocket watch

    Antonios, I admit my mistake in describing the diameter of the nickel movement. It's actually 31mm. Two others (brass) are 34mm, precisely as declared. Those from your collection may have different diameter surely - I never said these movement types were produced in a single size. What...
  12. H

    Looking for info on Chaux De Fonds pocket watch

    Auguste Saltzman patented this bridges layout. (As a Swiss watchmaker, worked exclusively for the American market then, he had a habit of doing so). An identical movement signed 'Saltzman' found at Ebay (pictured centre) in comparison: A rightmost Saltzman movement is made of nickel instead...
  13. H

    Please help identifying this Hy Moser & Cie Pocket watch

    Hi, In addition to MartyR's post: 'Qualite Blondel' is a part of an early Moser quality gradation used during ~1860-1910. Besides 'Blondel' there were 12 other adopted names specifying the quality. Basically, the names are covering only two main groups of Moser watches - lower grade and...
  14. H

    Please help to identify this movement

    Agassiz for sure: Nothing remains than to mourn the fate of your pity movement. It was happily born Agassiz, lived surrounded by gold; died; and hundred years after find itself unwillingly resurrected under a false name.
  15. H

    Minute repeater

    Antonios, my remark about "battle" was clearly addressed to Jeremy alone (as I cited him) and his story of obtaining this watch. It has nothing to do with your efforts on movement identification. Pretty amazed how one could find a basis to think otherwise. Maison Louis Audemars certainly was...
  16. H

    Minute repeater

    A fine battle it was :) Some significant details are unclear on all photos (including yours newly taken), nevertheless I participated, too, having certain confidence the movement was made by Louis Audemars. LeCoultre's ebauches and complete movements look less elegant usually. Any numbers...
  17. H

    Swiss Repeater with Rattrapante 14k case marked AFC (maybe AFG)

    Hi, I did a simple research on this piece before you have obtained it. Apropos, a nicely matching second hand !-) Found three perfectly similar movements: 1) A.Nicolet http://catalog.antiquorum.com/catalog.html?action=load&lotid=161&auctionid=113 2) A.Nicolet...

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