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  1. Willie X

    New Haven Movement Oddities

    Yep, I've seen a few where the wheels flew out with the plates and post still intact ... I don't know exactly how that happens but it does. :?| Willie X
  2. Willie X

    PIPER plasticase grandmother clock athrift store. $79

    Some clocks had cadmium plated parts, like bolts in the hardware store. They turn white when the cadmium oxidizes. For me, they would have to pay me to take that clock off their hands. Wait for a nice clock. Those are often sold for 0 to 200 bucks. Just keep in mind that the movements are...
  3. Willie X

    Beat setting tool repair.

    I found that the thread was a regular #10 - 24 and the female part was all still good. So, a stove bolt and a little washer got me back in business. This tool is very handy but the materials are a little sketchy. Hopefully it will go another 25 years? Willie X
  4. Willie X

    the knitting clock

    Can you remove the pendulum and get get a scarf every month or two? Willie
  5. Willie X

    New Haven Movement Oddities

    "rear plate needed straightening", better check the end play on all the pivots. Plates were often bent at the factory to make clearance for arbors of differing dimensions. So you may have to bend them back where there were ... Willie X
  6. Willie X

    Chain wheels, triple chime Urgo

    Rinsing in mineral sprits works for me. Willie X
  7. Willie X

    Urgos 03038 9 Tube

    I have never loosened all the tension screws. You're actually not supposed to loosen any of them. I think that point has been covered. I do loosen the first one, the one on the hammer that lifts first but only when the train is slow to come up to speed. Also, when the clock seems to slow...
  8. Willie X

    400 Day Beat Adjustment Question

    Try a little heat after you get that bracket off. Superglue is now a common sight in all kinds of clocks. I would also think that the screw and washer were lost, or the screw was broken and the remains still in what you have there. If so you may be able to remove it and simply look for...
  9. Willie X

    Beat setting tool repair.

    After babying this little Gizmo along for about 25 years, it finally stripped out. :( I was wondering what path others may have taken to repair/improve this important little fella?i Willie X
  10. Willie X

    400 Day Beat Adjustment Question

    Yep ... that looks nice. Willie X
  11. Willie X

    400 Day Beat Adjustment Question

    It has to be easily and finely adjustable, that's for sure. Willie X
  12. Willie X

    Bush or Not?

    I would leave off the "cutting for the oil sink part", especially at the bottom end of a modern clock. And, straight pivots in straight sided bushings are ideal but very hard to do. Where are you Jerry? Note, I think some people visualize a big hump at the mid point of the bushing hole but...
  13. Willie X

    Chime volume

    The short answer would be no, unless the adjustments (just mentioned) are off. It's the price you pay for having a thin case with no sound board ... Willie X
  14. Willie X

    Mild steel intead of spring steel for clock suspension

    I've seen plenty of 150 year old American clocks, that were still doing fine with the fully anealed original suspension spring! They are soft and easily deformed but also easily straightened. Not anything to worry about at all. Willie X
  15. Willie X

    Urgos 03038 9 Tube

    Adjusting the strings is the (by far) the easiest thing to do with these clocks. Tip, put the tubes in one at a time, starting with the longest one. Then check the hammer action, adjust as necessary and put in the next tube, rinse and repeat. Note, the 'pull back' on the first tube's hammer...
  16. Willie X

    400 Day Beat Adjustment Question

    Looks like the spring is badly bent and the spring protector is not anywhere close to where is should be? Maybe remove the spring protector and get a better photo ... :) Willie X
  17. Willie X

    400 Day Beat Adjustment Question

    Looks like you're missing the top block there? Willie X
  18. Willie X

    Can't find the 'sign in'

    I got a new phone and can't find the sign in anymore. Can someone sign me back in? Willie
  19. Willie X

    Clock run time versus spring barrel rotation

    You can do a little test ... With the spring let down remove the pallet assembly and block the E-wheel. Then wind up your clock about half way and mark the mainspring barrel. I use a steel ruler across the plates and a Sharpie pen to precisely mark a tooth (or a gullet) on the barrel. Next...
  20. Willie X

    Pendulum clock runs slowly with pendulum bob all the way up

    When it comes to Hermle movements, DF's observations are corect. Most clocks will reward you for your routine service efforts. Hermes will not. I have seen where Hermles, that did get one oiling at around 10 or 12 years, might have made it for a few 'extra' years. This was learned by...

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