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  1. macaw

    French clock identification

    It looks like spray paint from the picture. An easy way to tell is with acetone or nail polish remover or paint remover. Neither will remove gold guilt or plating but they will remove paint.
  2. macaw

    Japy Freres pendulum sizing

    It uses a standard French pendulum and the distance from the bending point of the suspension spring to the center of the bob is 126mm. That's what the 4 & the 8 tell me.
  3. macaw

    Large French portico clock for I.D

    He is the maker from what I can find.
  4. macaw

    Large French portico clock for I.D

    Thanks for posting this. The maker dates 1835 to late 19c per Brian Loomes Watchmakers and Clock Makers of the World. I recently restored one almost exactly like yours, and I didn't know it originally had a glass dome.
  5. macaw

    Vernon Hall Clock/Cincinnati Time Recorder

    This is my recently purchased 9-tube Vernon Hall Clock with case number 508. The only chime it has is Whittington with chime & strike shut-offs. The only way to remove the movement along with the seat board is to disassemble the chime rack, seat board and movement, then remove the movement, then...
  6. macaw

    Herschede clock identification

    Looks like No. 505 Marietta. 76"h, 20.25w, 13.25d
  7. macaw

    Ansonia Zenith Crystal Regulator

    It is a nickel under plate. The brush is actually an electrode with a swab to hold the solutions. The case was completely disassembled to clean and plate, and some of the screws holding the door pieces together were so corroded I couldn't get them out. I searched Ebay for months looking for...
  8. macaw

    French Clock Restoration

    I would call it spelter. The gray mass that was holding one of the breaks together was jb weld. I removed it and used solder as well as drilling small holes through the parts to add wire for support, then filled the cracked still showing with more solder so I could plate over it. This one was a...
  9. macaw

    Where Can I Source a Jahresuhrenfabrik #1 Movement?

    I doubt you'll find a replacement to match. What parts are so worn that it can't be repaired?
  10. macaw

    French Clock Restoration

    I do brush electroplating. To get the effect that I wanted for this clock I used a soft gold solution and kept going over it many many times, and used a lot of gold. The original gold on these clocks test as 10 to 14K, the gold I use is 24K and shouldn't tarnish. I should note that many of these...
  11. macaw

    French Clock Restoration

    I'm posting these before and after's to show that it is possible to re-plate gold to look very close to the original gilding
  12. macaw

    Ansonia Zenith Crystal Regulator

    I use several chemicals and solutions after preparing the metal. One to further clean it, one to prepare it to accept the plating, a plating solution to act as a barrier so corroding brass can't bleed through, then the gold solution. The gold I use depends on the effect I want. All the solutions...
  13. macaw

    A different cuckoo

    Back pics. In addition to rebuilding the movement, the music box required a complete de-gumming and dampers replaced.
  14. macaw

    A different cuckoo

    I have no idea who the maker is or its age, only that it's pre-war and one of my favorites.
  15. macaw

    Ansonia Zenith Crystal Regulator

    I managed to find nos dials on Ebay that matched the original perfectly.
  16. macaw

    Ansonia Zenith Crystal Regulator

    These are before and after restoration pics of my Ansonia Zenith Crystal Regulator with jeweled pendulum and sash. I replated all the gold and replaced the rhinestones. No metal "finishes" were used.
  17. macaw

    Grand Sonnerie Clock Questions

    Some questions about Grand Sonneries I'm hoping someone can answer. 1) When were Grand Sonnerie clocks first developed? 2) Who did it? 3) Why would anyone in their right mind want such an annoying clock? The one on the left is very old with no warning pins on the gears. If anything is at all out...
  18. macaw

    Schnekenburger clock repair needed

    What city / state are you located in? I expect there's someone nearby.
  19. macaw

    My Hunt for a Colonial tall case clock

    TJ, Can you pm me on where this one is? I may want to take a look at it.
  20. macaw

    French $ Vincenti clock

    You don't disassemble the marble as Steven said. I just use car polish to clean marble (not any with abrasives). With porous rock, just use mild soap and water (on a towel). Don't soak any of it as it's all only held together with plaster that will easily dissolve.

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