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  1. macaw

    French Clock Restoration

    I'm posting these before and after's to show that it is possible to re-plate gold to look very close to the original gilding
  2. macaw

    A different cuckoo

    I have no idea who the maker is or its age, only that it's pre-war and one of my favorites.
  3. macaw

    Ansonia Zenith Crystal Regulator

    These are before and after restoration pics of my Ansonia Zenith Crystal Regulator with jeweled pendulum and sash. I replated all the gold and replaced the rhinestones. No metal "finishes" were used.
  4. macaw

    Grand Sonnerie Clock Questions

    Some questions about Grand Sonneries I'm hoping someone can answer. 1) When were Grand Sonnerie clocks first developed? 2) Who did it? 3) Why would anyone in their right mind want such an annoying clock? The one on the left is very old with no warning pins on the gears. If anything is at all out...
  5. macaw

    Brass French Clock

    I'm looking for any information on the age and if the entire clock and side pieces were originally gold gilt. If they were I'll have a lot of plating to do. It's a count wheel, bell strike, round movement with no makers mark, suspension spring, (not silk thread) glass back door. The bottoms of...
  6. macaw

    JKS Roundhead

    Another JKS (Josef Köpfer & Söhne GmbH)
  7. macaw

    JKS Tall Clock

    There isn't much info on JKS clocks or the company. This one has resounding E & P double gong.
  8. macaw

    German Roundhead, Maker?

    This is one of a bunch of German grandfather clocks I just bought, and I'm trying to find out the manufacturer. The others were easy.
  9. macaw

    Moving Eye Cuckoo Clock Info Needed

    I walk away cause I didn't like the price. The next day I paid it.:) I really want to know who the manufacturer is, when it was made, rarity, and any other info on it. Thanks, Mark
  10. macaw

    Tall Clock Case Maker?

    It took me 20yrs to get, I paid too much (worth it to me) and I'm pretty sure it's a marriage. The movement was sold to Bellerose of Three Rivers CA I believe about 1800, and re-cased sometime later. The big question is when was the case made, where, and by who. It would be great news if...
  11. macaw

    Oak Grand Rapids Hall Clock

    I thought I'd post this one because I don't believe there are many in existence and I thought others might like to see it. I replaced the leathers and it now has a very deep rich tone.
  12. macaw

    Herschede Christopher Columbus & Other Info Needed

    I'm looking for info on the Herschede Christopher Columbus, such as what years they were made, and any catalogs for the Herschede clocks toward the end. I don't normally go for later model clocks, but I really like this one, (and all the Herschedes). I'm also...
  13. macaw

    6- Tube Hall Clock

    I just thought I'd post this one for anyone interested. I believe it was made between 1909 & 1914, with a Jacques / Matthias Bauerle (please correct me if I'm wrong) 6-tube movement, and privately labeled for a local Minneapolis retailer.
  14. macaw

    German 2 Weight Wall Clock Info Needed

    I'd like any info on its age, and who made it, even if it's a cheap knock-off. Thanks, Mark
  15. macaw

    30 hr Brass Dial Info needed

    Info needed on age and the maker. I'm waiting for pictures of the movement and back of the dial. I was told it was converted from a rope to a chain but the owner said he has the parts. The case is missing the door and I'm not really sure how much of that is original. Could the dial be real or a...
  16. macaw

    $ Fusee Skeleton Clock

    I really need opinions on what this might be worth so I can either kick myself or not feel so bad. If I get responses I'll say what I paid good or bad. Thanks, mark
  17. macaw

    $ Waterbury Banjo #3

    The owner wanted me to clean the painting off thinking it would sell better, I disagreed. So he told me to take it and do "something with it" and "it's just in the way" I've been working with him and his other clocks so I don't know if he gave it to me, or really what I should do with it. What...
  18. macaw

    Waterbury Banjo #3 Glass Replacement

    Is there somewhere to get replacement throat and tablet glass for a Waterbury #3? The owner left it out in the rain and then the paint started falling off. I'll also be posting it in the What's it worth forum. Thanks for any help! Mark
  19. macaw

    French Marble Clock Marriage?

    I just got this clock on another South Dakota vacation. To me it looks newer than the movement. The movement is a P. Bonnet & P. Pottier, Paris, bell strike, which dates to about 1900, and doesn't say France, or made in France, so it shouldn't be newer than that, but the case style to me looks...
  20. macaw

    A Comparison Of Quality

    This is for those who don't know the difference in quality between an old clock and a new one. Note the rack & snail, the plates, and the gears in a mid 1800's clock. Then look at the very late 1990's Hermle rack & snail, the plates, and the gears. The early to mid 1800's clock has never been...

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