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    Mechanical WW Omega 1128

    Al, that is the one. 2.74mm part number 7221128310462. Is there any way for me to source this part? Thank you. Your time and knowledge are greatly appreciated and respected. aalinaman.
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    Mechanical WW Universal geneve cal. 1-66

    I am servicing an universal Geneve cal 1-66. I have replaced the mainspring, trued the balance and I am only getting an amplitude of 220°. Should I be expecting an amplitude around 270° or is the 220° all she will give me?
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    Mechanical WW Omega 1128

    I have an Omega 1128 GMT. The hour wheel is failing. I have read that this is common but I can not source the part. I am told that it has been discontinued. Does anyone know of a way to fix the old wheel, or of a suitable replacement.
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    Electric WW Bulova accutron 2181 quartz conversion

    I have a bulova accutron 2181 that is done for. The case is a solid gold case and i would like to still wear the watch. Does anyone know what quartz movement I could replace the 2181 with?

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