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  1. macaw

    1907 Junghans Fast Chiming

    I have a 1907 Junghans mantel clock that the owners say chimes much faster than before they had it repaired by a shop that will remain nameless. My first thought, and what I said to them was that after cleaning, if it was very gummed up, it could chime faster because everything is moving freer...
  2. macaw

    Lathe Work

    Is there a book that can be recommended for details on polishing and repivoting, sizing holes for pivots, and any other lathe work for clocks?
  3. macaw

    Green Grease

    This has probably been covered before but I can't find it. What is the grease that I keep finding in clocks that hardens and gums up the works? Did factories use it? I'm currently rebuilding a 1979 Kieninger movement and have been scraping it off the spring steel hammer springs. I've also had to...
  4. macaw

    Drill press reamer adapter

    I bought a drill press reamer adapter and the reamers are anything but snug in it. Can I use the reamers in the drill press without an adaptor? I think they'll fit (not home to try it). With the play in the adaptor and probable play in the dp I'm thinking the combination wouldn't be good. I have...
  5. macaw

    Past Banjo Repairs

    This Banjo was repaired by in July by a large clock repair shop and the owner thought they shortened the cable because it wouldn't run as long as it did before the repairs. I couldn't keep it running more then a day, and I did have it in beat. I'm trying to figure out why. They bushed it and...
  6. macaw

    Hard to Wind Junghans

    I've been given a Junghans Westminster chime 1907 mantel clock to see if I can figure out what was done to it. "Mom" sent the clock in to the pro's to be gone over, they worked on it, sent it back, and now it's too hard for mom to wind. Wasn't before they messed with it. I have it now, and yes...
  7. macaw

    Hammer Leather In German Tall Case Clocks

    I just overhauled my Kieninger Tall Case Clock from aout 1920 judging by the dial, and the leathers are all hard as a rock. Should they be soft fresh leather, or hard leather? Were they originally soft, and would that give it a like new sound? My other German tall case clocks also have hard...
  8. macaw

    French Movements

    I've taken up French movements & need to know if there is any part of the movement in a non-jeweled movement that should not be put in the ultrasonic? Thanks, Mark
  9. macaw

    Herschede strike problem

    My Herschede 5 tube was striking 8 times at 7:00 every time, but every other hour was perfect. I fixed that problem (not sure how) then it started continuously striking at various hours. The gathering pallet would reach the end of the strike, hit the hour rack, and bounce off, setting it...
  10. macaw

    Possible chime problem with a tall case clock

    My Urgos 1920's/'30's tall case clock with 2 weight Muller-Schlenker movement hits the two low note chime rods before the three high note rods. My question is, is this normal for this clock, or is it backwards? If it's backward, is there a way to correct it without taking the movement apart?

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