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    Any Idea What This Is? Is It a Clock?

    This looks really interesting. Does anyone know what it is? Why are the numbers on the face backwards?
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    Master Clock Help

    hi, my Standard Electric Master clock has a built in transformer, rectifier and in-line fuses. It has fuses on both leads, why not just the positive? Does this take 110v AC and convert to 24v DC? I'm missing a component inside, anyone know what I'm missing(two wires sticking out left of...
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    3 wire ITR clock help

    hi, I have an old ITR slave that I would like help with - wiring and restoration. For the wiring, which wires are for the 24v, do I need the 3rd wire, or what could I do with it? I have a Standard Electric Time master that sends out a 24V signal every minute, will this ITR work(without using...
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    Standard Electric Standard Electric Master Clock Voltage and Year

    Anyone know what voltage I should try for this clock? I'm also wondering the approximate year and where to hook up the power. thanks for all your help

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