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  1. macaw

    French clock identification

    It looks like spray paint from the picture. An easy way to tell is with acetone or nail polish remover or paint remover. Neither will remove gold guilt or plating but they will remove paint.
  2. macaw

    Japy Freres pendulum sizing

    It uses a standard French pendulum and the distance from the bending point of the suspension spring to the center of the bob is 126mm. That's what the 4 & the 8 tell me.
  3. macaw

    Colonial Mfg Co 75897

    There should be a model number on the back of the clock (hopefully legible). That and pictures would go a long way in dating it. Colonial only made cases and bought movements from Winterhalder, Hans Winterhalder, (HWN) and a few from American manufacturers.
  4. macaw

    Colonial 1482, No. 53 Movement

    I couldn't live with the "antiquing" This is after refinishing.
  5. macaw

    German Very Tall Case Clock

    I finally had it refinished
  6. macaw

    King Arthur's Grandfather Clock Identification

    I don't believe the two were affiliated. King Arthur manufactured cases and sold complete clocks. The cases are much better quality than any of the Emperor cases I've seen. Mine has a Hermle 3 chime movement.
  7. macaw

    Help with identification

    I just got this one from a friend who bought it in the Netherlands about 50 years ago. Anybody recognize it? No markings other than the serial number.
  8. macaw

    1920's Urgos Hall Clock

    Thank you Burkhard!
  9. macaw

    1920's Urgos Hall Clock

    I just brought this home, and I believe the entire clock is by Urgos in the 1920's/30's. It's only 6'2" tall. The little bit I can find says they manufactured clocks and movements around this time, (both movement and chime block are Urgos) . Any information confirming either way would be good to...
  10. macaw

    Manufacturer & age help needed

    Thanks JTD, that does help!
  11. macaw

    Becker Clock info needed

    Did a whole photo shoot this time
  12. macaw

    Becker Clock info needed

    Not quite a free swinger, the pendulum is behind glass.
  13. macaw

    Becker Clock info needed

    A Becker I got today. Model and age help needed. It has the Gloria gong that I didn't photograph. Thanks, Mark
  14. macaw

    Manufacturer & age help needed

    I just got this today and need help with the maker and age, and any other info anyone has
  15. macaw

    Seth Thomas Ship's Bell Clock

    Norman, I need to say thanks for responding to Tom's posting. I bought one some months ago and had the same question about the two springs!
  16. macaw

    Colonial 1482, No. 53 Movement

    In case someone stumbles across this post and has the burning need to know, this movement is a Winterhalder movement as evidenced by the drawings in Conover's Chime Clock Repair book as well as the movement sprawled out on my work bench, not to mention the logos on the ends of the chains. Mark
  17. macaw

    Colonial 1482, No. 53 Movement

    Andy, Even if it has the Winterhalder logo on the chains?
  18. macaw

    winterhalder 3-train 5-tube grandfather clock

    I just finished the disassembly the link if this works is It's a mess, and I think Herschede's are easier. I'll try to take a closeup of the page and pm it to you later. I also have a lot more pics I can email you...
  19. macaw

    Colonial 1482, No. 53 Movement

    These are the movement pics after disassembly. It must need more oil!

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