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  1. NewBernWatchmaker

    My First Clock to Repair

    Nothing special. Chimes and strikes fine but doesn't tick. There is gummed up oil in the cups so my assumption is first it needs a good cleaning and oiling. I don't know clocks but thought I would learn something. It's an Urgos movement of unknown vintage (70s maybe?).
  2. NewBernWatchmaker

    Looking for details on Hunter Opening Mechanism

    Anyone know where there is a diagram on how a push crown hunter case opening mechanism works or better yet one where it is a button in the center of the crown? I don't have any hunter cases to take a look at. Thanks!
  3. NewBernWatchmaker

    Cutting case back/bezel threads

    Could someone explain the method for cutting these very fine threads on large diameter pieces?
  4. NewBernWatchmaker

    Seitz pushers

    I have a working Seitz tool now but no pushers and I think I will just make them on an as needed basis. Could someone give me the dimensions for the parts which fit in the fitting? Is it just a 4mm shaft, what length?
  5. NewBernWatchmaker

    References for Complications

    Are there any good books that detail complication design and construction? De Carle's is the only thing I know of and it is limited in scope. Thanks!
  6. NewBernWatchmaker

    Compound Slide setup

    what do y’all think? I know it isn’t ideal but I just can’t afford what people are asking for watchmaker size compound slides. I had the plate milled which indexes in the t-slot of the lathe and will put this bench lathe rest at a workable height.
  7. NewBernWatchmaker

    Watchmaker's Bench

    Why are so many missing this drawer? Mine is as well. It looks like maybe it tilted out instead of pulled out.
  8. NewBernWatchmaker

    Removing Barrel Cap

    I read "lift open with screwdriver" but I can not get a screwdriver to get between the spring and cap and when it slips it scratches the cap. Anyone have a trick?
  9. NewBernWatchmaker

    My lathe setup

    I am setting up the lathe using whatever table my wife said I could drill a hole through- a side table magazine rack. The motor is too fast so I have a cone pulley coming. I am hoping to get the slowest turn at around 500.
  10. NewBernWatchmaker

    Measuring Safety Angles

    Kelly talks about testing the guard safety by moving the lever against the safety roller then checking that there should be 3/4 a degree of lock left before the tooth would unlock. How in the world would you measure something like that?
  11. NewBernWatchmaker

    American PW Name that watch part

    Disassembling an Elgin PW. It is out of the case and I wanted to remove the dial face. There were six screws; 3 pairs. Each pair had one screw clearly drilled at an angle (and smaller then the other). I started to remove the larger ones and the dial face just came out along with two stubs and a...
  12. NewBernWatchmaker

    WW Lathe Headstock issues

    I just got my first watchmakers lathe and cleaned it up a bit but I am wondering how to disassemble the headstock or at least remove the collet and tool. Everything is a little stuck from who knows how long of being together. It is unfortunately a rather uncommon make - Reese from Johnstown PA...

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