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  1. Girl59

    Help ID'g a 19th-Century Clock

    Haven't been here for weeks and weeks...caught up in holidays. During that time, I received an email from a distant cousin, with a picture of a clock (unfortunately, pic was taken in 1990s, he says). The piece was given as a wedding gift to an ancestral couple in the mid-1860s, as far as he...
  2. Girl59

    Humorous Book Title/WorldCat Great Source

    Spotted the below today (see photo) and got a chuckle as I was looking for horological works on WorldCat. The title of this centuries-old book struck me particularly because I'm a novice: The artificial clock-maker: a treatise of watch and clock-work, wherein the art of calculating numbers for...
  3. Girl59

    How to Date a Ball Commercial?

    Hi, everyone. One of my very first acquisitions is a Ball Commercial, 16s, 17j. I love the look and hardiness of this watch. But when thinking about its vintage nature, I realized a rookie mistake: not knowing when it was made. This is uncharacteristic for me...I must have been pretty excited...
  4. Girl59

    Book for Novices Re: American Watchmaking Industry?

    Hello to all. I'm seeking suggestions for a good, readable work -- for a layperson/general audience -- on the American watchmaking industry. I hope there is such a thing, on a topic so rich with scientific and technical aspects. Now reading "American Watchmaking, A Technical History of the...
  5. Girl59

    Repair $$ Differential Between Older and Newer RR Watches?

    Loving the wide variety of RR watches. Wondering if, for a person just getting their feet wet, mechanism performance is generally better and repair costs lower on more recently made watches ('40s-'60s?) than on those made decades earlier...or not necessarily? Does the need for repair depend most...
  6. Girl59

    Where to Look Online in Addition to eBay?

    I'm new and just starting to learn about American pocket watches. Have already gotten good advice and read some threads re: using eBay. Does anyone ever check There aren't anywhere near as many pocket watches as on eBay, of course, and Etsy doesn't do auctions. But have seen a few...
  7. Girl59

    Kudos to Dr. Jon From Delighted Novice

    Happy to report that the origins of a pocket watch I recently inherited have been found -- by Dr. Jon. This lovely piece has a Longines movement, caliber 14ASN, invoiced in 1890 to the A. Wittnauer company. Before coming here and enjoying Dr. J's help, I'd consulted two watchmakers who had no...
  8. Girl59

    Brand New Here/First Purchase

    Hi, all. I'm brand new here and a complete novice at horology. I've recently inherited two pocket watches, one Elgin ca 1887 and one that folks at NAWCC are trying to help me identify. This has stimulated interest in learning all about them and maybe doing some (very) modest collecting. Will...
  9. Girl59

    Information on Ball Commercial 17j?

    Hi, all. I'm a complete novice trying to learn a little about antique American pocket watches. I have recently inherited two, which is stimulating my interest. Have been looking at eBay and Etsy at a range of things, to get a feel. Questions: Can anyone tell me a little about the Ball...
  10. Girl59

    Help ID'g Pocket Watch/No Maker Apparent

    Hello, all. I was gifted a lovely antique pocket watch that has no obvious maker-identification on the movement. The movement has a serial number, but how to use it if manufacturer unknown? The 14K (double) hunter case also has a serial number but no manufacturer. Have consulted a local...

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