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  1. CJo

    Rolex quartz

    Is there any value in this watch? Found it in a junk pile of watch movements that someone gave me. It’s a quartz movement. Any thoughts?
  2. CJo

    Chime warning lever

    This is the chime lift/warning lever from a New Haven triple plate unit, where the pins lift the lever is really worn, and missing a small chunk. How would you repair this? I appreciate any advice you can give.
  3. CJo

    New Haven chime plate

    This is the first time I have taken a New Haven chime movement apart. I am stumped by the plate that holds most of the time side wheels. There was only one screw on the front plate. So thought once that was removed and turned around the plate would lift, but it won’t budge. I do have the Steven...
  4. CJo

    Worn strike lever

    Does anyone have a good fix for this worn lever. I used to have parts clocks, but don’t have anymore of this. I would like to find a way to repair. Would appreciate some advice and experience in what to do. TIA
  5. CJo

    New Haven watch mainspring question

    I have this New Haven advertisement clock for Star Brand Shoes, hard to read because of the darkness of the face and discoloration of the plastic face cover. It has a broken mainspring and not sure where to get a replacement. Also, thought about just putting a hole at the end and putting it back...
  6. CJo

    Plastic face crystal

    This is such a cute advertisement clock. Not very big. I didn’t even know it had advertisement on the face til I got the plastic crystal off. Has turned dark green. I don’t suppose there is any way to clear up the crystal? Got a feeling I can’t find a replacement, it’s convex. Any thoughts? TIA
  7. CJo


    Does anyone recognize this movement? I’ve had it a while. Finally pulled it off the wall to work on. Someone had done some soldering and used some stuff on the rack. Mainspring on the strike side was patched differently than anything I’ve seen before. Also had a broken tooth on the chime side...
  8. CJo

    US Clock Case Co.

    Was looking in my Tran book for this clock, has a Seth Thomas movement in it. I was unable to find this one, then I noticed on the back what it said. The bottom line I can’t read what I assume is a month, but after that is 10, 1885. Would anyone have any info about this clock, I would appreciate...
  9. CJo

    Ansonia info please

    Bought this at an estate sale. It’s about 14”x11”, has an Ansonia movement in it. I can’t find in my Tran Duy Ly, Ansonia book, unless I missed it. Does anyone have any info on this one? Thanks!
  10. CJo

    Morbier dating please

    Could anyone give me an approximate date on this newest clock I acquired. TIA
  11. CJo

    Japanese ?

    Does anyone recognize this movement? Where was it made and approximate year? TIA
  12. CJo

    Detex watchman clock

    I have two of these watchman’s clock, and would like to remove them from the case to check them out, but after removing all the screws, it still doesn’t want to come out. Help!!!
  13. CJo

    Dating kieninger

    Is there any way to date this movement? Thanks
  14. CJo

    English clock

    Does anyone recognize this mark? I looked in my European Trademark book and couldn’t find it. I was interested in dates, and company. Thanks
  15. CJo

    Circling pendulum

    Having issues with this pendulum making a circling movement. I’v Squared everything up, and still circles. What are your thoughts? TIA
  16. CJo

    Hamburg/American winding gears

    These are the winding gears from a Hamburg/American grandfather clock. In the past, I have always put these into my ultrasonic for cleaning as is, but am now questioning rather I should. What do you do? I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
  17. CJo

    Clock style info

    This clock has a Schlenker Sohne Schwenningen movement in it. Was wondering if someone could tell me what style of clock it is, Empire possibly? Also if you might have an approximate age or year for it. Thanks!
  18. CJo

    Schlenker Sohne Schwenningen

    Does anyone know about what year this movement would be? I can’t seem to find anything on the name and years they were in business. Thanks
  19. CJo

    Cuckoo Clock MFG. Co. Inc.

    Was wondering if anyone has one of these and would share a photo of the back? It’s a triple chime, works , but is missing some pretty important parts Thanks!
  20. CJo

    Never seen this before. Odd part in Gilbert movement.

    This is something I’ve never seen before. First thought it was a someone’s way of doing a bushing but not sure. This surely isn’t part of the original movement, is it? This is a Gilbert movement out of a kitchen clock. What are your thoughts or inputs. Thanks!

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