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    Completed Auction - Eye Watering

    What a collection!! Recently under the hammer in France an absolutely stunning collection of historic proportion: 'Aguttes'
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    Trade Mark Identification Help

    I am still working my way through these orphaned movements to help improve my dexterity levels after several years away from the bench. I have completed seven or eight of them now and thanks to the help I received on my earlier request I have identified 5 of them as being FHF ebauche. This one...
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    Identity assistance please - Swiss Trade Mark

    Can anyone put a tag on the attached trademark for me please? It is from a movement that I have dismantled as my first step top to getting my eye (and shaky hand) back into trim so that I can finally attack a couple of long unfinished projects. I have scouted around Microlisk and searched...
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    James McCabe

    How many people spotted the on line auction listing for 'an early #' watch by James McCabe. I should first say that the auction has been closed withing hours of the listing so I assume that I am free to lodge the information here. The watch was a verge, in seemingly good condition and signed...
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    Reversing chronograph Movement ID Assistane Plaease

    Can anyone help me with identification of this movement please. I feel that I should know it but the caliper has escaped me so far. It is installed in a Birch & Gaydon supplied WW1 reversing watch for use with the rudimentary bomb sights of the day. I repaired this movement about 5 years ago...
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    Revealing My Collection - No 5

    The fifth watch in the collection is watch by Joseph Johnson in huge American silver (?) full hunter case. The escapement is a Massey Type 1 with a 30 tooth escape wheel. When I acquired this, from Johnny Wachsmann, around fifteen or sixteen years ago, Massey 1 escapements were deemed 'scarce'...
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    Revealing My Collection - No 4

    There has been a bit of a pause, a busy time in wild North West Wales and a wet one too. My absolutely least favourite pastime - gardening - has claimed my attention. I have also had to take some photographs as the transition between Window XP, 7 and 10 has had a miniaturising effect on those...
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    Revealing My Collection #2 & 3

    These are, for me at least and probably for everyone else as well, the boring ones. I have to admit to having little interest in verge watches and these are there simply as examples of the type - and the Folland was the first watch that I ever bought. FOLLAND - PAIR CASE POCKET WATCH – 1789...
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    Revealing My Collection

    I have not, for several years now, been a regular contributor to the Forum and whilst those who have known of me for a while may understand the reasons for that it is not something that I propose to dwell on. I have, however, kept a sort of watching brief ands made small inputs where and when I...
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    Elgin 'Masonic' Dials

    I have a friend, here in the UK, who is a Mason and he recently bought 4 Masonic dials on the big auction site; in amongst the more, shall I say 'standard' masonic dials was the one pictured below. He showed it to me, asking if I knew what it represented as he didn't recognise the central...
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    Watch Open Dial Washers

    Simple one here - anyone know of a source of dial washers for pocket watches? Cousins used to do them here in the UK but no longer stock them and Otto Frei used to stock them in the States but they don't appear on their web site any longer. Any pointers much appreciated.
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    Omega Case Detail

    I have been given a watch to restore by a friend recently. The watch is a fairly innocuous Omega 19''' LB caliber although the dial is one that I haven't come across before. I attach a picture of that just for interest. It is the case, a nickel swing out, marked Omega, case original to the...
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    The British Watch & Clock Making Company

    The failure of the Barwise/Ingold attempt to introduce the making of watches by machinery into the UK has been something of a source of embarrassment and ridicule over the years. It is often cited as one of the core reasons for the ultimate failure of the UK watchmaking industry. Whilst...
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    A Swiss McCabe?

    I bought this watch about 3 years ago and it has waited patiently for attention since that time. I have recently got myself back into the workshop and after doing several jobs to ‘get my eye in’ again I finally set to on this McCabe ¼ repeater. The watch is, visually, in just about mint...
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    One for Omexa

    The watch is actually American, a Waltham Hillside 14Sz with chronograph in an American (Waltham) sterling silver hunter case, but the interest here is in the 'scratchings' inside the case back and dome, which I thought that Ray might like. I am unable to provide photographs of the hand scribed...
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    Metal Dial Restoration

    I have a very nice 12 Sz Illinois Mdl 410 (4477685) now in good condition and in a very nice case. The only outstanding issue is the metal dial which is very untidy. I have approached a dial restoration company here in the UK (there is effectively only one left that I know of) and they have...
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    An Interesting Insight into English Watchmaking Commercial Practices

    This article demonstrates the weaknesses of the 'Putting Out System' and how the frame makers and business men of Prescot exploited their positions
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    $ Illinois Sangamo Special

    Another Illinois that I am led to believe is not common, a 19 jewel Sangamo Special of which I understand only 200 were made. Again I am interested to know whether this is correct and what the value of the watch might be. The movement is in good condition, setting, winding and running very...
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    $ Illinois Bunn Hunter - Burlington Watch Co

    The Illinois Watch Database (Dr Snyder) indicates that there were only 100 of these 19 jewel Bunn Hunters made; one run in 1914. The gold fill case is marked with the Burlington mark and the dial is, apparently, of a style only used by Burlington. I am interested to know, are they really...
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    What to Keep???

    I fund myself in the position that I must sell my American pocket watch collection, in fact several have gone already. I have decided to keep one watch - but the question is which one? I think that I want to keep a 16 size watch as I do find the 18 size rather cumbersome to carry. So the list...

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