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    I am the movement builder in a busy clock repair shop. This post is to explain a tool that absolutely finds and marks the center of a worn out bushing hole. I learned how to build it here on this site some 20 years ago. We use it every day. The pointed part drops into the worn hole but...
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    Kundo 400 day clock problem

    I got this at a church yard sale for $5.00. Looking for help figuring out why this clock is losing 20 minutes per hour. I am using a .32 thousands suspension spring. Have cleaned the clock and mainspring. I used my Webster mainspring tool. There was a thin, flat washer and a thin wave washer on...
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    We have been asked to restore this movement by a very sweet lady who's family owned the clock forever. I need help with two wheels and a verge. strike mainwheel and S2 All the rest of the movement parts look good. I have built several of these but not lately. If anyone has a suggestion...
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    We have a REGULADORA steeple clock in for rebuild. I have never seen anything like this before. The rebuild went fine, many bushings replaced but the problem I am trying to figure out is setting the rack to fall in the center of step on the snail at the hour strike. There is no way to index the...
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    KUNDO 400day wont stay running

    CAN YOU HELP I have taken this clock apart twice now. Doing cleaning and pivot burnishing, smooth broaching bushings etc. There are no worn bushings, no bent escape wheel teeth and main spring has been cleaned and oiled. The suspension spring looks good. It will run for hours and then stop...
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    Deep cuts in barreled mainspring arbors where steel caps were used. We see a lot of this coming thru the shop now, and i wanted to explain to rebuilders how we repair the worn mainspring arbor. We are sleeving this arbor with a brass bushing and the using the mill to open up the steel cap to...
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    I need some help with teeth count on this Ansonia 4/1/2 clock movement. Seems the wheels are wrong on the time side of the movement. It is the standard arch top movement. Anyone have info about the tooth and pinion count for t3 , t4 and escape wheel? thanks johnp
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    Having read in the mart magazine an advertisement for the mid south regional held sept 3-5 we took off down there on the 2nd to be there when they opened on the 3rd. Well there was no show on the 3rd. So we lost a day of work and $174.00 motel bill because they advertised the show to open on...
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    Does anyone have a good mainspring chart i can print out? thanks johnp
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    Im working on a Pendell 110 grandfather clock movement and need the strike side chain wheel. I am told this is made by Jauch. The movement is 9 inch x 7 inch. Anyone have a part??? johnp
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    Kienzle chime correction problem help

    I am stumped on this movement trying get the chime correction working properly. It will correct just fine if i turn the hands around manually but wont correct on its own. Sometimes it works and then it dont. i have studied and looked till im blue in the face and cant seem to get it working...
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    German clock logo information needed

    I am seeking information on a german box clock. The movements has the logo with 2 elephants leaning on a alarm clock. Any info appreciated johnp
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    Ladder chain movement help.

    I am looking for information on this grandfather clock movement. The dial states 1908. There is no markings of any kind on the movement. T&S 8 day one hammer strikes a gong. Anyone jump right in if you have any information about this ladder chain movement. thanks johnp
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    Howard Miller grandfather clock with quartz movement help.

    Where would i purchase an chiming movement that will power a long pendulum?
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    Quartz pendulum over swing

    This nice little wall clock had a quartz movement which finally gave up and we replaced it. The problem now is the pendulum bob strikes the side of the clock because the darn thing swings to far. I sticky taped a large washer on the rear of the bob but that didn't help. The replacement movement...
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    Buren clock information

    I restored this lovely little Buren desk clock for a couple and they asked if I could find out how old it was. If you know anything about it please chime in. back plate says Buren swiss made thanks johnp
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    Buren desk clock running slow

    I have a customers desk clock in the shop that loses 6 minutes per day. It came to us with a 2nd wheel loose on the arbor. The mainspring had been repaired with rivets in 2 places. After using silver solder to repair the wheel,(too much brass missing to restake) installing a new mainspring, and...
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    Grandfather clock help.

    About 6 months ago I installed a new Hermle 451-053H into a 40 year old home built grandfather clock case. It is a poor design but none the less it has been running. I have been out to the home 3 times to put the clock in beat and get it running again. It is always way out of beat. The elderly...
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    Tick-Tock sound

    I recently puchased a new Hermle 1161, 114 cm movement that had a loud tick and soft tock, yet was in beat.. The pendulum swing was 1 1/2 inch total. what could have been done to correct this tick tock condition? I remember watching the escapement and lock- drop looked fine to me. The...
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    Doing bushing work with a mill

    I recently posted a question about what is required to bush clock plates with a sherline mill. After getting some good advice from the folks here I have completed the set up and with a great deal of trial and error learned to accuratly bush with the mill. I have raised the work surface to accept...

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