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    Probable 19th century replica of ~1600 rock crystal pre-balance spring verge

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a rock crystal watch that was advertised as a replica watch, probably mid-19th century. The case appears to be brass or silver gilt and the movement with brass plates and train. The cock is screwed and not pinned in place indicating manufacture or an original...
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    John Poole duo-in-uno pocket chronometer movement (and case question)

    This is a recent acquisition, a chronometer movement by John Poole. It was obviously top of the line when new, though it's fallen on hard times (possibly literally). Dial with up/down, jewelled at least to the third wheel, spring detent escapement, heavy balance with platinum timing nuts, and...
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    Morris Tobias 3/4 plate cylinder watch

    This one is an oddball. It's the only English 3/4 plate cylinder watch I've seen (I have a Swiss watch by Moulinie in the same configuration, including fusee). It's been recased, so I don't know its exact year, though middle of the 19th century looks likely. Barely runs and someone has been...
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    Requesting pictures of case bands and guilloche for wedding ring design

    My girlfriend and I are moving towards engagement and we're looking at designing wedding rings. She doesn't want a plain band and I would love to draw on engine turning for the design of the band (engine turned middle with thin plain borders on either side). The only case bands I have are...
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    John Walker, Leicester Square, duplex movement on an unusual ebauche

    I acquired this duplex movement a little while back and I would like to know more about it. It's a nice watch, with a capped escape wheel, but steel roller and impulse to the balance. This is not an ebauche I've seen very often, although a search for "Ingold" on David Penney's website yields...
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    Key wind/set problem

    I have a key wind and set watch that's having trouble peforming those functions. When you wind it, it sets the hands. When you set the hands, it winds or unwinds the barrel. What is going on? Has anyone had experience with this problem and is it fixable? As well, problems aside, can anyone...
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    Two train independent seconds movement: identification, troubleshooting

    Hey guys, I bought this movement recently and had a few questions about it. It's a two train movement with independent jumping center seconds. The engraved dial is silver; hour and minute hands are gold; and the seconds hand a beautiful blued steel. The movement is gilt and not a caliber...

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