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    Beat adjustment tool

    Having seen an idea for one of these tools, I'm going to have a go at making one from a pair of engineering dividers. The question is,over all the different makes of 400 day clocks, how much variation is there in the diameter of the top block holding saddle? (the bit that is turned to set the...
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    Who did this?

    On completely stripping down my P Hauck, its history started to show. We've all seen repairers marks, usually a few numbers scratched in an out of the place that can be seen. (2 o clock, 8 & 10) Now this is on the back of the dial. If it's a date then the clock was not very old when it was...
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    Graphite Powder

    Could this be used for main springs, in place of oil? I'm thinking of the powder used for lubricating door locks, as it would not dry out, but would need to be evenly spread to start with, and would keep the coils apart, preventing suction. Bod
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    Kern Miniature 57

    Just acquired this.. It has a few problems, bent hour hand, spiral suspension spring, and excess lubrication! Been well sprayed with WD40, the locking cup beneath the pendulum, seems to have been filled with axle grease. It appears to want to run, just the twisted wire stopping it. I've...

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