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    History Help with clock information and year of manufacture

    Welcome ! What you have is a very nice long-case clock, fitted with a German movement made by Urgos. Judging by the oak case, the clock seems to be American made. If so, there should be additional labels inside the door or hood. The Urgos experts here would want to see a movement serial number...
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    Please help me identify this so I can educate myself

    This is very simply done... 1) Unhook and dismount the pendulum 2) Unhook all the weights 3) As per your second photo, the movement pulls straight out the front of the clock. By "movement" I mean the dial, base board, chains and clockwork all together as an assembled unit. 4) Then photograph...
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    Championship nail driver!

    Obviously made on a Friday, after "lunch" with the guys.
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    Up from the ashes

    I call those "clock kits". Great assembly job.
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    Bushing by hand and using needle files, query.

    This thread has sizes and sources.....
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    Seth Thomas Mantel Clock

    "Beat" is the cadence of the tick-tock sound. One way to describe it is to say it should sound like a person walking across a marble floor; steady and even. It should not have the syncopation of a horse gallop. How Beat is mechanically set varies from clock to clock. On lots of American clocks...
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    Seth Thomas Mantel Clock

    You are indeed very lucky. This is a very fine Seth Thomas 8-day Time and Strike mantle clock fitted with the #89 movement from around 1910-ish. It looks to be one of their Adamantine line, and may be the model named "Belmont No.1". Adamantine was a plastic veneer ST used to mimic rosewood...
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    Weight of bob in relation to getting a mechanical clock accurate

    With all due respect, the part about "coming out of a single clock" may be in direct conflict with the statement "that I purchased online". Regulars here will remember I had the same issue about a year ago. In that clock it turned out that the dealer had mixed parts simply to make the sale...
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    Beat setting using Clock Tuner App

    RC - The new phones use both voice and data services from separate vendors. No voice services are involved, therefore Verizon is not needed. Android is owned by Google. The phone needs to have your Google account and password entered in Settings to enter the Play Store. Wi-Fi connects the phone...
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    Beat setting using Clock Tuner App

    I use the Clock Tuner App extensively. I have it on an older, discarded Android phone that's kept in the shop. As long as the "phone" can connect to Wi-Fi, it can download the app and function. This is an advantage because the app seems to do better when it is the only software running. The app...
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    Tom Moberg, Clock Glass Painter

    I believe his version of "retirement" will be to slow down a bit and only work on the projects he likes. This is because I have just received a special lower tablet he's made for me. Invoice date Sept 1, 2022. But I agree with the others.... beautiful workmanship.
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    Help identifying movement & suspension spring

    As Mike P said, you will need to align the foot of the crutch with the center of the hole in the pendulum leader, then measure the distance from hook to suspension post in MM. (See attachment.) Clock supply houses offer about 50 similar looking suspension springs, but having this distance will...
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    Gustav Becker Vienna regulator hand nut

    Industrial suppliers will have metric nuts that small in a variety of head styles. You may have to buy a pack of 10, but most allow online ordering. I typically use McMaster-Carr, but Graingers and MSC are also good. See:
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    Mantel clock identification

    See this informative thread....ühlheim.29370/post-1556553
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    Wall clock Hermle 141 movement 1981

    The movement is indeed a Hermle from Germany. Code "C" is year 1990, as per the inscription. If you ever need parts, simply quote the 141-xxx number.
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    Seth Thomas Mantle Clock

    IMHO, this clock's outstanding feature is its pendulum movement, meaning this clock has a much higher likelihood of being returned to service with a minimum of fuss. Other contemporary movements were more "watch-like" and therefore more likely to require specialist repair help.
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    Function Speed regulation.

    • This is a very thoughtful, honest and noteworthy response. It proabably deserves an answer. • Do not oil the floating balance using clock oil.
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    German clock ID help, please

    Thank you, sirs !
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    German clock ID help, please

    Here's a clearer photo of the color and the upper case detail.
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    German clock ID help, please

    This is a German style, weight-driven wall clock that is a full 39" tall that was acquired locally. The widow of the last buyer didn't have any information as they had purchased it in a similar situation. The movement is unmarked, except for the numbers "190205". The movement is slightly...

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