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    Time only clocks

    I just found that stud myself . That explains much . Wonderful find ! Where is RM ? He will love this .
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    Mainspring needed for International time recorder

    3/4 inch x .018 inch will work fine .
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    Wooden plate movement ID help... not sure how to add text...

    The silver on the arbors is just paint on the wood . Paint away .
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    Best Way To Repair This Broken Glass

    Please come back with your results ! Many want to know.
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    Electric winding motor

    Have you tested the windings with an ohmmeter ? The upper brush cap has been replaced with a tire valve cap and glued on with white something . The heat seems to be localized there . Perhaps it just needs small motor repair to clean the commutator , install proper brushes , and secure/replace...
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    Electromagnet coil winding

    Everything I searched was for Ferrari automobile .
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    Cincinnati Time Recorder help

    These clocks had Seth Thomas movements . This case looks seriously shortened . Pendulum suspension is from the brass stud at top center of the black cast iron frame .
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    Related to Horology

    I enjoy your divertimento so much . The sailor is darling and I would have to have him dancing a jig again were it mine . Thank you .
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    Help identify old cuckoo mantle clock

    This seems to be a trumpeter on the hour with gong, and cuckoo on the quarters . It has been quite badly messed with . You need to find someone with experience with cuckoo, quail, and trumpeter . It's worth restoring , but it's in need of much work and parts .
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    Dey Time recorder help needed

    The discs have nickel plated bezels around them . Are you looking to make the bezels also ? Times 150 ! Those big recorders never bring much money . Perhaps look for another iron disc that has the numerals installed .
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    Windup Black Forest cuckoo clock?

    This clock is a standard cuckoo and quail with springs . Not a trumpeter .
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    Carved walnut Pendulum needed for Tall case Cuckoo clock

    Looking at his photos , it has the traits of a Black Forest wood plate movement . I doubt the Asian attribution . The movement also looks like it's a 30 hour , so it may require a VERY short pendulum . The case grain doesn't look like ebony .
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    American 1801 - 1900 Benjamin Morrill NH Mirror Clock

    Thank you for another interesting tour ,RM . I cannot get enough .
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    help identify ancient triple cornice clock with mirrors

    Is that an over pasted label ?
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    Info on Cuckoo clock

    Google image search "Biedermeier cuckoo" for examples and ideas .
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    Home Made Bellows for Singing Bird Cage

    I am amazed at how close you have come to copying the bellows for a Griesbaum Whistler figure . The Whistlers were made by the same family before the Singing Bird Cages . Do you have a Whistler bellows to copy ? There are restoration videos on youtube for" Whistler Bellows". Much good info for...
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    Function Hanging cuckoo clock in high rise apartment?

    You will not find a cuckoo bird above the tree line . That then is the maximum altitude . And no more . By that time the dancing figures will have left long ago .
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    Mantel Cuckoo Clock ID

    I do not know how it works either ! I have tried , seemingly without success . Just ask here .
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    Mantel Cuckoo Clock ID I believe you have a Beha No. 519a as shown in this catalog . Camerer & Cuss was a retailer . I doubt they were making German clocks .

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