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    Gregory self winding questions

    I have a F.L Gregory self-winding movement with mercury pendulum in for service. This is my first self-winding movement like this and before I service the movement I am trying to understand the self-winding part and the previous repair made to it. The clock has been changed from batteries to a...
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    Hansen master clock with program machine

    I had someone bring in a hansen master clock with a program machine that has been replaced with a quartz movement....the program machine is still there and she is interested in putting an original movement back in there. So I figured I would stop by and see if you guys have any leads.
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    looking for someone to cut gears and barrels.

    Ive spent the past few days trying to replace some teeth in a few different clocks with no luck. Its something I will eventually get better at but I would like to get these done and move on. So I'm looking for someone who cuts gears, thanks.
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    Wagstaffe london

    I am servicing this movement and would like to find out some more info for myself and my customers. They said someone built the case 40 or so years ago so i didn't take any pictures of the case. It seems really old and i am exited to work on it. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place.
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    weird movement came in peices....

    I am coming back to this clock now that I am more experienced. It came to me in pieces and me and my teacher have determined it is missing the 2nd lever for auto-correcting and/or a warning level. I think the missing lever goes on the arbor above the one with the stop level. hopefully, someone...
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    Help Chime selector?

    hey... newbie here full shop halfway through school......... what is this thing I broke and I made a new one does anyone know the heights of the different levels? This clock has Winchester Whittington and Westminster. I haven't seen Winchester yet does it use 6 hammers? i know Westminster is 4...
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    (update) New Clockmaker intro and a question

    update 5-26 I got distracted on a grandfather clock movement for a couple of days but here's my progress and another question. I think part of the strike assembly was once riveted....???. So i have the chime warning lever in the right place i think but there looks like another warning pin on...

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